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    At 100 years old, Ruby sees ocean for first time

    Ruby Holt of Columbia, Giles County, is nearly 101 and has never had time to take a trip to the ocean. Never even traveled out of her county before. She's spent her life working hard in Tennessee, picking cotton and working in a shirt factory and just never had the time or the money. But Brookdale Senior Living Solutions (owners of the home where Ruby lives), along with Wish of a Lifetime organization, just changed all that.

    They organized an all-expenses-paid trip to Orange Beach, Alabama, 400 miles away, so Ruby could get to dip her toes into the water for the first and probably only time. The coldness of the water was a bit of a shock for her, as was the sheer size of it: "I've never seen anything as big," she said.

    Ruby didn't spend long paddling, but the journey of almost 400 miles was worth it for her, to see the 'wonderful ocean' she'd so often heard people talk about, but never had the opportunity to see herself.

    Happy 101st birthday when it occurs in the next few weeks, Miss Holt. Hope someone on some beach somewhere will build a sandcastle to mark the occasion for you.


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    aw, thanks zwiebel, I needed a smile and that fit the bill right there. Happy Birthday Ruby.
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    What a heartwarming story! Thanks for posting zwiebel. And along with tlcya.........Happy 101st Birthday Ruby!!

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    LOOKIE AT HER FACE!!! what a sweetie!

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    we are blessed, where we live, to see the ocean every day...my screen got all blurry seeing her reaction.

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    Am humbled.....she worked hard all her life and never had time for a vacation......amazing woman.
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