Thirty-five year-old Novak was stabbed more than 50 times in her back, right side, neck, and right eye in 1981. Even her dog was stabbed in the head.

At the time, detectives find evidence of sexual assault at the scene, taking DNA evidence from Novak’s body and belongings. But after a lengthy investigation, the case remained unsolved for years.

In 2013, police reopened the cold case and entered the DNA evidence into a computerized DNA identification system. The profile positively matched Booker. Booker was already behind bars, known as the Dreadlock Rapist for the way he wore his hair during a year-long crime spree in the 1980s.

Confronted with the fact that his DNA matched evidence found on the scene of the 1981 murder of Carol Novak, Eugene Booker confessed, prosecutors said.

"He said 'Oh, no. Oh, no,'" Assistant State's Attorney David Coleman said in court Friday.

Booker said he understands DNA doesn't lie — and then asked police to give his regards to Novak's family and tell them "I'm sorry about what happened to her," Coleman said...

Booker was charged with first-degree murder this week and ordered held without bail on Friday.