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    UK - Two women, 2 children brutally murdered, Clydach, Swansea, 27 June 1999

    An interesting read:

    Who REALLY murdered married WPC's lesbian lover? Disturbing questions 12
    years after man was given four life sentences amid shocking police cover-up

    ⁍ South Wales's biggest ever mass murder was grotesquely savage
    ⁍ Killer smashed fibreglass pole into 80-year-old invalid Doris Dawson's face
    ⁍ Then sadistically murdered daughter Mandy Power and her daughters - Katie, ten and Emily, eight
    ⁍ Murder shocked the village of Clydach, near Swansea, in June 1999 and made national headlines
    ⁍ Emerged that Mandy's bisexual lover was a woman police sergeant who was married to another male police officer
    ⁍ And he was the identical twin brother of a local police inspector who had gone on a mysterious 'lone patrol' on the night
    ⁍ He was also the first senior police officer at the scene the following day
    ⁍ Sensationally, all three police officers were arrested and interviewed
    ⁍ But none were charged and it was builder David Morris who was handed four life sentences for the killings
    ⁍ He will almost certainly never be freed because he protests his innocence
    ⁍ Now, The Mail on Sunday can reveal extraordinary evidence that casts grave doubt on his conviction

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    BBC account from 2006 at the link:

    Morris guilty of Clydach murders
    David Morris has been found guilty for the second time of beating to death
    four members of the same family at their Clydach home seven years ago.

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    From The Mail on Sunday article linked above:

    First, the killer entered his victims’ home, went upstairs and smashed a heavy fibreglass pole repeatedly into the face of 80-year-old invalid grandmother Doris Dawson, rendering her utterly unrecognisable. And then he waited.

    Just before midnight, Doris’s daughter Mandy Power arrived at the house with her children, Katie, ten, and Emily, eight. The murderer leapt upon all three, killing them in identical, sadistic fashion.

    In a perverted twist, he then placed a sex device inside Mandy’s lifeless body. He set a fire to incinerate his traces, waiting for it to take hold. When it didn’t, he calmly started three further blazes.

    The killings made national headlines and convulsed the village of Clydach, near Swansea – and not just for their macabre brutality....

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    Mail on Sunday:

    MoS exposé sparks new miscarriage of justice probe into brutal
    killing of WPC's lesbian lover after new witnesses come forward

    • David Morris is serving four life sentences for killing four people
    • The criminal review of his case has been given 'priority one' status
    • Several new witnesses have come forward since the MoS story

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