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    Oregon Cuddle Shop; 60 bucks an hour

    A cuddle shop has opened in Portland, Oregon and received 10,000 email enquiries in its first week. The cuddles come at a price though - $60 for 60 minutes.

    ' “This business has taken off,” professional cuddler Samantha Hess told Fox 12. The hour-long sessions have garnered serious interest, and aren’t just restricted to cuddling – hand-holding, spooning and hair stroking also come as part of the deal.

    All contact remains strictly platonic and sessions are recorded to make sure there can be no grounded or groundless accusations of inappropriate behavior.'

    Samantha also has a website on the benefits of cuddling. http://cuddleuptome.com/

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    Aww.....isn't that nice, a group cuddle. It could be just the answer sometimes. A bit expensive though, to get cuddled, hand held and head stroked just like mother used to do, all this for $60.00 for 60 minutes. (I wish mother was still here)!!!

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