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    UK - Angus Sinclair, serial rapist, 4+ murders, Scotland, 1961-1978

    Angus Sinclair was convicted last month of the 1977 cold case rape and murder of 17-year-olds Christine Eadie and Helen Scott, after the girls went out to The World's End nightclub in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their strangled bodies were found the next day

    He remained free for decades, but police have now revealed that in 2007, they discovered a car in a water-filled quarry. Inside was a 'chilling' kidnap kit of different-sized handcuffs, as well as children's clothing. The car was one Sinclair bought immediately after the killings of the girls, to replace the camper he had used to transport them. He only kept the new vehicle a few months before dumping it in the quarry.

    Sadly, police were unable to obtain DNA from the clothing or cuffs because they'd been in water for nearly 30 years, so it's not known if he had further victims. The vehicle and contents were not brought up during the 'World's End' murder trial, as it wasn't deemed to be related.

    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

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    From October:


    "Cutting-edge" DNA tests are being carried out in a bid to solve a 38-year-old murder which has been linked to a notorious Scottish serial killer.

    Anna Kenny, 20, was last seen alive in Glasgow on 5 August 1977. Her body was found in Argyll on 23 April 1979... Police had previously linked Ms Kenny's murder to two other Glasgow murder cases - that of Hilda Miller on 1 October 1977 and the murder of Agnes Cooney on 2 December the same year.

    Her murder was also linked to those of 17-year-olds Helen Scott and Christine Eadie... Last year, serial killer and rapist Angus Sinclair was jailed for a minimum of 37 years after finally being convicted of the murders.

    In 2001, he was jailed for murdering 17-year-old Mary Gallacher on waste ground in the Barnhill area of Glasgow in November 1978.

    In 1961, Sinclair also convicted of killing seven-year-old Catherine Reehill. He served six years of a 10-year sentence.