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    Australia - Four adults abandoned separately as babies, discover they are siblings

    Four children abandoned separately over half a century ago in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia have discovered they are siblings.

    Steve Hardy was found back at Christmas 1949, at the Civic Theatre in Haymarket. This May, he went to the Sydney Morning Herald to make a plea for his mother, or anyone who knew her, to get in touch with him. Former NSW police officer Julie Seinor contacted the paper the day after, to say she had been abandoned in very similar circumstances in Haymarket too, in 1956.

    Not only that, but Julie had been contacted by yet another two people, siblings Gary and Kim Sturdy, who were abandoned as children at a kindergarten in Melbourne in 1963. Their mother, Valerie Mirams, hasn't been seen since. They thought they might be related to Julie.

    Similarities in the notes and clothes left with the children led the Herald's parent company to offer to arrange DNA testing, and it's now been confirmed that all four have the same mother. Steve Hardy, who has spent a lifetime as someone without a blood relative to his name, now finds himself with three siblings!

    The family would like to find their mother to let her know they did just fine, but so far have been unable to discover if Valerie (who would now be 84) is even still alive.

    Just to note: it looks like the poor Sydney Morning Herald, after effectively covering this story since 1949, when they ran the news about the first abandoned child being found, has now missed out on the finale. It couldn't get a comment from the reunited siblings, who seem to have given an exclusive to New Idea magazine!

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