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    IN - Ada Haradine, 39, Elkhart County, 8 May 1985


    "Ada was last seen working around the yard shortly after 3 PM. Another witness thought he seen her talking to a man near the house but when her son got off the school bus around 3:20 PM he was unable to locate his mother. Ada usually met her son as he got off the bus but was not there on that day. There were no signs of forced entry or of a struggle within the home. Numerous leads were followed-up on over the following years but there were no answers to her whereabouts until a couple of young mushroom hunters found her remains just off Birch Road north of US-12. Ada was identified by a wedding ring found with her remains and also by dental records. A forensic pathologist determined that she died from a massive skull fracture caused by a blow to the head."

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    Kristin Bien
    UPDATED Nov 11, 2013


    "Ada left all her stuff behind and nothing was missing from the home or out of place. But there was one clue, earlier that day, Ada and her niece heard a noise from inside the house.

    "The niece described the sound as being something strange. Just out of the ordinary. So much so they got up to take a look but they couldn't find anything," says Gizzi.

    To this day, investigators think that noise was tied to her disappearance.

    Police got hundreds of tips after Ada disappeared, some came from as far away as Las Vegas. Her family, obviously devastated, continued to look.

    "It is hard when you are that age not to hold out hope that maybe someday she comes back to me," says Jeff.

    Ada is Found...

    "Right in this location here," says Gizzi as he walks us along a steep hillside, "down about 20 yards."

    3 years after she disappeared, Ada's remains were found in rural Cass County. Mushroom hunters scouring an area off Birch road, north of U.S. 12, called police when they found bones along a steep hillside. Ada's wedding ring was found among her remains but police found no clothes or shoes. She had been beaten to death -- Her skull and jaw had been fractured.

    "There was also, where she was found, a couple rocks about the size of your fist or a little bigger and conceivably the pathologist said, that could have been the item used to cause the blunt force trauma," says Gizzi.

    Police aren't sure though. They don't know if Ada was killed along that hillside or if her body was dumped there after the murder. Gizzi believes that whoever killed Ada Haradine might have had a connection to that area -- to that hillside".

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    "COLD CASE FILES: The mysterious disappearance and murder of Ada Haradine"


    "Published on May 1, 2014

    Ada Haradine case freatured on Crimestoppers.

    Do you have information about this case?

    Submit a tip to Crime Stoppers.


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