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    "Pastor" Walter Houston refuses funeral for lady not current with tithes ("dues")

    Olivia Blairís final wish was to be buried in the Houston church she had attended for 50 of her 93 years. But her daughter said the church, Fourth Missionary Baptist, turned her away when she went there seeking a funeral service for her mom. She said the pastor told her ďabsolutely not.Ē The reason: her mom hadnít tithed for the past two years. Never mind she was 93 & for at least the last 2 years, had been in a nursing home, hospital & even a coma.
    IMO, this is shameful. The church was aware the woman was ill & house-bound, but had not bothered to call or visit.... after all "she had not even sent a dollar."

    I hope the church cancels his contract... WWJD?



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    Oh my goodness, how awful! That is NOT right.
    About the time we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends. Herbert Hoover

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    Reminds me of when my mother died in a fire. My aunt, mom's sister, decided to have a Catholic Mass for my mom. When it was over, the priest came to us and my aunt did the introductions, and he held out his hand. So, naturally I thought he was going to shake my hand, but no he wanted payment. My aunt was sharp and quick and slipped a check into his hand. I'm a spiritual person, but I hate the church.

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    Wow! This woman was 93 and this church wouldn't give her a funeral? I didn't read the article yet, just the posts, but really?! If I was a member of this church, I'd be running as far away as possible.

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    I'm not religious at all, and garbage like this is part of why I will never be religious, but I respect those who are and stories like this make me more than angry. Totally un-Christian and hypocritical. I hope this Pastor loses his flock.

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