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    LA - Piquerist haunts French Quarter, New Orleans, 2014

    Daily Mail:

    Woman hunted by police after poking strangers with mystery 'sharp object' in New Orleans' French Quarter

    • Woman filmed walking in New Orleans while holding a 'sharp object'
    • Suddenly lunged forward and poked man, 62, as he rode past on bike
    • Then stabbed 28-year-old with item; may have poked more strangers
    • Woman was mumbling to herself at time of both attacks, police said
    • Victims suffered minor injuries; officers are appealing for information
    pictures & video at link

    Piquerism (Wiki)

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    UM yikes! Crazy as it sounds my husband worries excessivily about this, every time we go somewhere with large crowds he worries someone will poke me or cut me etc, He is like a hawk when we (RARELY) go out like that, it kind of a bazzar tic to me , but he is dead serious about it.
    Suzanne Marie Sevakis Welcome home.

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