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    New Jersey couple has two sets of identical twins in same birth

    LeAnn and Stephen Beloyan struggled for more than a decade to start a family. Then just weeks into LeAnn's pregnancy, they discovered they were having not one, but two sets of identical twins. "We were elated and overwhelmed, and concerned about how we were going to handle all this," Stephen Beloyan, 39, said Saturday, when two of the babies were expected to go home.

    Lauren, Sarah, Benjamin and Samuel each were born a minute apart on June 7 by Caesarean section at Capital Health System's Mercer Campus.

    Eight weeks early but otherwise healthy, the newborns weighed from slightly more than two pounds to three pounds.

    "It's been an exciting process and a long process. We're grateful for the attention. We want our kids to know how special and how rare they are," said LeAnn Beloyan, 37, who was put on bed rest 21 weeks into her pregnancy and was admitted to the hospital a few weeks before she gave birth.

    Lauren and Benjamin - slightly bigger than their siblings - were expected to go home Saturday. Sarah and Samuel had some minor complications from the premature birth. But doctors say they are growing and are expected to likewise go home soon.

    "The prognosis for all the babies is good," said Dr. Naheed Abedin, one of the family's neonatologists.


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    Talking be careful what you ask for

    Quick, call Ripleys Believe it or not. Call the statisticians, call the life insurance agents. Don't call the Globe, or Weekly world news.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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