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    AZ - Kali Bouldin, 25, found dead in suitcase, Phoenix, 4 Dec 2014


    Police on Friday said they have made an arrest in the murder of a 25-year-old woman whose body was found in a suitcase outside a north Phoenix business on Thursday.

    Police arrested Semyon Shamsiyev, 36, in connection with the homicide of Kali Bouldin, according to a Phoenix Police Department statement. Police said Shamsiyev and Bouldin were acquaintances.

    A murder investigation was launched after Bouldin's body was discovered by a restaurant employee near 16th Street and Bell Road at about 10:45 a.m. Thursday.

    Bouldin was reported missing Thursday night, several hours after her body had been found in the suitcase. Her car was found in an apartment complex near the businesses where her body was found.

    Detectives are still looking into a motive. Shamsiyev has been charged with first degree murder and abandonment of a body.

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    Ok Grannie, I have been hearing about this all over. I am from this area. I have been in that plaza. I just wish I had more info, she is close in age to me its a bit disheartening.

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    A Phoenix man has been arrested for killing a woman, stuffing her body into a large suitcase and leaving it beside a trash bin, court records showed on Monday.

    Semyon Shamsiyev, 36, is being held on a $500,000 bond at a Maricopa County jail on suspicion of first-degree murder and abandoning the body of 25-year-old Kali Bouldin in the north of the city late last week...

    Police say surveillance tapes show Shamsiyev buying the black, roller-type suitcase at a department store hours before the woman's body was found by restaurant workers taking out the trash on Thursday morning. A white van he was driving was also spotted near the crime scene by another security camera, according to court records.

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    Police found several items belonging to women along with bloodstained floors when they served a search warrant at the Phoenix apartment of a man accused of murdering a woman and stuffing her body into a suitcase, according to court records.

    Police searched Semyon Shamsiyev's apartment near 18th Street and Bell Road on Dec. 5th found multiple earrings, a black purse, and a necklace with charms that read the names "Branson" and "Baxter," according to search warrant records.

    Shamsiyev was arrested Dec. 5 after police found Kali Bouldin's body wrapped in white bed sheets in a suitcase that was discovered in a dumpster about two blocks from Shamsiyev's apartment.

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    This was next to my dentist office.. His apartment was 2 blocks East.. Shes from Florida and has been here a little while.. I guess her brother moved her out here and she sobered up for about 6 months.. How awful to end up like that..

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    Jane Doe... we have talked before haven't we?! I used to go to that dentist office!

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    Lol.. Yes in the find Lydia page same area.. My hood is getting worse!!

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    The man suspected of killing a woman, stuffing her body inside a black suitcase and leaving it behind a local business has pleaded not guilty...

    Investigators said he was an acquaintance of the victim, 25-year-old Kali Bouldin. Shamsiyev faces charges of first-degree murder and abandonment of a body...

    The Maricopa County Medical Examiner performed an autopsy and determined Bouldin died from strangulation and also had a cut to a side of her neck.

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    Not guilty.... Ahhhhh, yea..... Ok

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    Semyon Shamsiyev, the man suspected of killing a 25-year-old woman and leaving her body in a suitcase next to a dumpster, bought the luggage less than two hours before a restaurant employee found the body and called police, according to records.

    According to police records, Shamsiyev, 36, can be seen on surveillance footage paying for a suitcase in cash at a Target and leaving in a white van similar to one seen on security footage from a storage facility across from where Kali Bouldin's body was found.

    Police knew they were looking for a white minivan in connection with the murder.

    READ MORE: Phoenix police ID man who allegedly dropped off body in suitcase

    One happened to pull into the parking lot of the apartment complex where investigators tracked down Bouldin's rental car, and police say Shamsiyev was behind the wheel, according to records released Monday.

    Bouldin's identity was unknown when her body was found on the morning of Dec. 4 inside the suitcase near Bell Road and 16th Street.

    The county medical examiner used fingerprints to identify her, records show, and an autopsy revealed Bouldin was strangled.

    The day Bouldin's body was found, an acquaintance reported her missing, and a police search of her last known residence showed no signs of foul play. Bouldin's purse, cellphone and rental car were missing from the residence, records show.

    Police filed a stolen-vehicle report with the rental company, activating a GPS tracking system that traced the car to an apartment complex near the scene.

    Police went to the complex with an image of the man taken at Target earlier that day. Security officers said the man lived in the complex, but police said they refused to provide identifying information.

    A white van drove up and parked in the complex during the police interview with security, and a man later identified as Shamsiyev exited the vehicle. Police said they immediately took him into custody.

    While searching Shamsiyev's apartment, police say they noticed a large piece of carpet had been cut from the the flooring and was surrounded by a red stain. Pieces of bedding were also missing; medical examiners found two white bedsheets in the suitcase with Bouldin's body, records show.

    Shamsiyev told police that he knew Bouldin as a prostitute and that she tried to rob him the last time he saw her, records say. When pressed for details, Shamsiyev said he passed out and asked for a lawyer, police said.

    Bouldin's older brother, Jesse Bouldin, said that while his sister has had a troubled past and tried to overcome an addiction to pills, she would not have resorted to working as a prostitute.

    "She had a fair bit of trouble in the past, that's part of the reason I moved her out here (from Florida) a couple of years ago," he said.

    Jesse said his sister got clean when she moved to Arizona in the summer of 2012 and remained that way for about six months before she got into a new relationship and started abusing drugs again.

    Kali Bouldin grew up in Florida, where she cultivated an interest in fashion and design, Jesse said, but her sole focus became motherhood after she had a daughter.

    Kali did not have custody of her daughter.

    One of her goals in moving to the Valley was to get a home so she could move her child to be with her,
    Jesse said.

    But her drug addiction and relationships meant she will never have that chance, Jesse said.

    "She should have just reached out to her family," he said "She had such a crappy upbringing."

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    From April 2016:

    Phoenix man gets 20 years for murdering woman, putting body in suitcase


    A Phoenix man was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Friday for murdering a woman and stuffing her body into a suitcase before leaving it in a trash bin.

    Semyon Shamsiyev had previously pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the December 2014 death of 25-year-old Kali Bouldin.

    During the sentencing hearing, the attorney for the State of Arizona, Hermelinda Garcia, said that there was evidence that Bouldin suffered terribly before her death, that Bouldin was "bound, beaten, strangled, stuffed and dumped." There was also traces of semen found on Bouldin's body, suggesting sexual assault before her death.

    "It sounds like what you would hear out of a Hollywood movie," Garcia said. "But to the victim and her family, it was reality."

    A mitigating factor in Shamsiyev's sentencing was his history of mental illness, as he sustained brain damage when he was 3 years old that affected his judgment and planning. Shamsiyev had also been diagnosed with psychosises and hallucinations weeks before the murder, and was taking anti-psychotic medicine to combat them.
    Bouldin's older brother, Jesse Bouldin, also spoke at the hearing. He noted how he and his sister were inseparable as children, reconnecting later in life after Kali had a daughter.

    Jesse Bouldin also noted that an unspecified tragedy had separated Kali from her 9-year-old daughter, who he said she dearly loved, and that she came to Arizona from Florida for a fresh start and a chance to someday get her daughter back. And that now her daughter would now never know her mother, and that he no longer had any way of contacting his niece, as Kali had been their point of contact.

    "It's not right," Jesse Bouldin said. "He took 50, 60, 70 years from her, her daughter, me."

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