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    GA - Desmond Santonio Dix, 17, Atlanta, 31 Jan 1996

    Desmond Dix was only 17 when he was abducted at gunpoint in Atlanta, GA almost 20 years ago in January of 1996. This case is one of those mysterious cases on the charleyproject with only 3 lines of information available. However, I found a link that elaborates on Desmond's disappearance. Desmond's brother was arrested and charged with a robbery (and shooting) that took place around the time Desmond disappeared in December 1994. However, it was disputed whether or not Desmond's brother had committed these crimes and it was suggested that Desmond may have been the one who committed the crimes and his brother was falsely arrested for the crimes because he and Desmond looked very similar to one another. The article also mentioned that Desmond ended up "disappearing".


    I think that Desmond was abducted by either gang members or other sorts of criminals and either murdered or forced to "work" for them (commit crimes). He's been missing for 20 years and it doesn't seem like there are any UIDs that match his description that were found in GA, TN, FL, SC, or any of the states around Georgia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MagnoliaMountain View Post
    Many thanks, MagnoliaMountain, I forgot charleyproject was a thing for a moment there.

    Next month will make it 19 years. Even if Desmond DID have something to do with those crimes, he didn't deserve for whatever happened to him to have happened. If he really was associated with bad people, I think he was in over his head and didn't know what he was doing and the long-term consequences of doing it until it was too late.

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    Who was Walker County Jane Doe?

    John Doe - February 9, 1968 - Facebook Page, Websleuths Thread
    John Doe - October 31, 1967 - Facebook Page, Websleuths Thread

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