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    AZ - Catherine Sposito, 23, Prescott, 13 June 1987


    At 7 a.m. on Saturday, June 13, 1987, Sposito, 23, a Prescott College student, rode her mountain bike to the Thumb Butte trailhead west of Prescott and began hiking up the path when she was ambushed by one or maybe two people who brutally murdered her, then disappeared into the woods, said Yavapai Silent Witness Program Coordinator Steve Skurja.

    Other hikers heard Sposito's screams for help, but couldn't get to her in time. Investigators still don't know why the suspect or suspects targeted and killed Sposito - a daughter, sister, friend to many, artist, and a local waitress, Skurja said.

    The night before Sposito was killed, she went to dinner at a Prescott restaurant and told friends she planned on hiking Thumb Butte the next day, Diskin said.
    Vintage news coverage:


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    Cold Case: 29-Year Anniversary of Sposito Homicide, $10K Reward for Information


    YCSO Detective Ross Diskin, who has worked the case over the past few years, continues to hope someone will come forward and supply the missing link leading to the arrest of those responsible for Cathy’s murder. Yavapai Silent Witness and YCSO are offering a $10,000 dollar reward for any information that leads to the arrests of a suspect or suspects responsible for the murder. Callers to Silent Witness at 1800-932-3232 remain completely anonymous and will not have to testify. Detectives continue run down leads and work with DNA evidence based on new technologies not previously available.

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    30 years later: Who Murdered Cathy Sposito?


    “People were horrified that this would occur right here in our community on a trail that people use every day. It was unimaginable to the family, it was unimaginable to the community,” Mascher said Thursday, June 15.

    Detectives working the case are now trying to find a small caliber gun involved in her murder, YCSO spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn said.

    “There is a likelihood the weapon was dumped sometime after her murder on June 13, 1987, anywhere between the Thumb Butte Trail site and the Castle Canyon area of Prescott Valley,” D’Evelyn said.

    Thursday, Sheriff Mascher was still unwilling to say what role that gun may have played in the crime.

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    if you want to know .

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    What an horrific case, I am very curious to know what are the theories that the police has regarding the motive which led to this brutal murder.

    There is a discussion with a police investigator who currently active on this case,
    he admits that the police has theories why this murder happened but they can't release them.

    RIP Catherine , I pray for justice for you and for your family, to those monsters who
    committed the murder , I hope that karma got you and your life filled with suffering.I wish they will be caught and pay for their heinous crime.

    Here is the clip to the discussion
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iknowweresheis View Post
    if you want to know .
    Her family & friends and law enforcement certainly want to know.

    We here at WebSleuths really don't figure in that equation.

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