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    IA - Freta Bostic, 24, Ernest Isom, 27, Jesse Hanni, 26, Sioux City, 3 Dec 1974


    First responders found a lifeless Bostic, 24, wearing a patterned robe. She was four months pregnant. Isom, 27, was found naked with his legs partially on a bed in the living room. The third victim, Hanni, 26, wore a winter coat and was propped against a door to the hall...

    Authorities say the way Isom’s body was found indicated he was trying to flee from someone. Hanni had been shot in the chest while Bostic had a wound through her chest. Isom and Hanni also were shot in the head.
    Good timeline at this link:


    After an exhausting drive home to Red Lodge, Mont., Jesse aimed to clear his head. Under a vast blue Montana sky, he took off walking and then ventured across a field to where his father and brother Ray were working. Jesse seemed tired and nervous. “He said they were after him,” Ray said of the last time he saw his brother alive. “The man” was on his trail, Jesse told a close friend that same weekend, referring to a drug dealer who Ray believes he crossed in a deal. “He tried to tell me what was going on," Ray said. “But he didn’t tell me enough”...

    “In addition to being shot multiple times, they were shot behind the left ear,” said White, now a vice president with MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company in Des Moines. “It wasn’t a crime of passion, and robbery wasn’t a motive. The only motivation we believed for the actual killing was that somebody wanted them dead.”

    “We think that they were expecting some kinds of problems, too,” Frisbie said. “They were going armed all the time, pretty heavily. They actually were carrying high caliber handguns in their lunchboxes and things like that.”

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    Some interesting details gleaned from the online news articles and police statements:

    Jesse Hanni told his brother a drug dealer he had crossed was after him

    Jesse Hanni's girlfriend, Susan, who had left for "personal business" back in Colorado a few days before the murders and was supposed to return, had also put up the money for the deposit for the house that the three victims had rented (She never returned and was questioned later by Colorado LE who didn't have full knowledge of the crime and therefore couldn't gauge whether she was answering questions truthfully. She stated she didn't know anything. Investigators believe she knew more than she said she did)

    An anonymous caller to a TV station said Jessi Hanni had testified earlier that year in federal court in Denver against a "major drug kingpin"

    Jesse, fully clothed and still wearing his winter jacket, was propped up against a door to the hall. He’d been shot once through the back and once behind the left ear

    Ernest “Billy” Isom II was shot twice in the back and three times in back of the head (bviously the main target)

    Freda Bostic, who was pregnant, was only shot once in the back

    Jessi Hanni had left his weapon, which he had carried for protection, in his vehicle the night of the murders.

    The victims had dropped out of sight for about six weeks before they showed up in Sioux City

    Two friends of the victims, one a coworker of the two male victims, the other the co-worker's girlfriend, had left town the day of the murders. The co-worker had abruptly quit his job. (They were later questioned and released)

    Ernest "Billy" Isom II hadn't showed up for work for four days before he was found dead (His father was the supervisor)

    Two questions about these murders (where the victims were obviously set up); who was the 1973 Denver drug kingpin and what was Jesse's girlfriend's last name?

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