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    Twin-faced cat Frankenlouie dies at 15

    Frankenlouie, a Janus cat born with two faces (but only 3 eyes) has died aged 15 of cancer in Massachusetts. He lived unusually long for the breed, which usually have congenital defects and die young. So long, he's made it to the Guiness book of records.

    Veterinary worker Marty Stevens rescued him at one day old, when he was brought in to be euthanized. Frank did the eating for both of them, she says: 'Louie just hung out'.

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    I am so pleased veterinary worker Marty Stevens rescued poor Frankenlouie, and he got the chance to have a happy life with lots of love. He looks a beautiful and happy fellow.

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    Its so sad that he was born that way but I'm glad someone let him have a long and happy life. Aside from his facial deformity, he was a beautiful cat.

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