Holy moly, I remember this guy! I was living in Tahlequah, OK, in 1982 when Greg and his mom killed Cindy Baillee. It was a huge deal. His mom got the DP and was executed back in 2001. Everybody called her Mean Nadean.

Sounds like Greg should never have been turned loose:


According to court documents, the woman who called 911 was extremely emotional and hysterical, barely able to finish a sentence. She begged an officer to move her away from the motel room so Smith could not see her. "He's trying to kill me, he's wanted out of Oklahoma for murder and parole violation," the woman told an officer...

The woman told law enforcement that she had been going from shelter to shelter in an attempt to escape Smith. She had been trying get to a shelter in Bozeman, but Smith found her first.

Smith allegedly dragged the woman by her hair across the motel parking lot and punched her several times in the face. The woman said he also threatened to kill her that evening and told her he was going to slit her throat.