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    IN - Lula Miller, 27, Laurel, 1 Nov 1974


    Lula Miller left her Laurel, Indiana, home Nov. 1, 1974. She was never heard from again.

    Workers for a Richmond excavating company discovered a body Oct. 1, 1975, in a sewer. The decomposed remains could not be identified. Nearly 40 years later, utilizing the Internet's power and advanced DNA testing, Indiana State Police Sgt. Scott Jarvis hopes he'll answer both lingering questions.

    Jarvis this week will exhume from an area cemetery the remains of that body found in a sewer and submit DNA samples for testing. He thinks the results will show the remains are Miller.

    “I’m more confident than not,” said the 15-year ISP veteran. Jarvis’ journey to this point began with a January phone call from a volunteer with The Doe Network...

    DNA was taken from members of Miller’s family and run through national police databases of unidentified bodies. There was no match. Jarvis then worked through the legal steps necessary to obtain a search warrant to exhume the remains in Richmond and analyze DNA. Final paperwork was approved last week, leading to the next step this week...

    “The daughters I’m in touch with are excited. They were 2 or 3 years old when their mom left,” Jarvis said. “They’re excited about the possibility of finding her for closure, but they don’t have their hopes up. It’s still just a possibility right now.”


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    anything new?

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    Bumping this one? What did the tests show? Did her daughters finally get closure?

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    As at August 11 2015 there were no dna results. This was reported at http://www.newsexaminer.com/articles...5933058508.txt
    although it needs a subscription to go beyond the summary. I know that the original stories on the exhumation reported that it may be difficult to extract dna due to the condition of the remains.

    I think that, even if they get dna and it is Lula's, the family will need more than the identification to get closure. This case stinks to high heaven, from the story of the rape the day before she disappeared (and the fact that the alleged rapists are still around) to the more recent murder of the brother, to the police failure to pursue the rape report in the 70s. Closure will only come with a much more extensive investigation led by LE from elsewhere.

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    They recovered DNA form Jesse James after he'd been in wet dirt for 113 years (his casket was essentially gone) and that was 20 years ago when DNA recovery wasn't as good as it is now.

    According to the links, they have dental on both Lula and the unknown who was apparently putrified but not skeletonized.
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    She is living in Texas under a different name...


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    Wow! Pretty incredible outcome, considering the stories and circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the fact that they truly thought they had found her remains.

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    IN - Lula Ann Gillespie-Miller, 28, Laurel, 1974


    This woman was reported missing in 1974, but had contact with her family a year later, which is the last time they heard from her. In 2014 the authorities compared Lula's daughter's DNA with a 1975 UID, but yielded no match. The detective for this case then started investigating some more and found out about Lula's current whereabouts: lived in Tennessee in the 1980's, and has lived in Texas since the 1990's. According to this article, Lula felt she was too young to be raising three children and so put them in the care of her parents and then disappeared. The daughter mentioned hopes to make contact with her mother this Easter weekend, and Lula allowed Detective Jarvis to forward her contact information to her daughter.

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    Just saw this and came to see if there was a WS thread.

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    Same here.

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    Of course, that body turned out not to be Gillespie-Miller, but Jarvis picked up another thread: a woman fitting her description who lived in Tennessee in the 1980s, then moved to Texas.

    On Thursday he called the Texas Rangers and asked them to go to the woman's home.

    When asked by officers, the 69-year-old woman admitted that she was Lula Gillespie-Miller
    As she never actually committed a crime, police say, she has the right to anonymity - although she has given permission for them to give her address to Tammy Miller, so that the two can be reunited.

    Todd Matthews, Media Representative for The Doe Network, told NBC4i that they were 'delighted' to hear of the happy ending to Gillespie-Miller's tale.

    He added that her case is rare, as after 42 years 'the likelihood she was dead was far greater than she was alive.'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz441mBR1xI
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    Now I want to know whose remains were found back in 1975!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jobid View Post
    She is living in Texas under a different name...

    From the link: "Detective Jarvis investigated the trail of a woman with similarities to Gillespie-Miller, who had lived in Tennessee in the 1980’s, then later in Texas."

    I would love to find out what led Detective Jarvis to focus on this particular woman so far away from where she disappeared from. Very interesting and unusual!

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    'I Will Never Call Her Again': Daughter of Missing Indiana Woman Discovered 42 Years Later Has No Plans for a Happy Reunion

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