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    Waitress over a barrel with old car gets cracker of a tip

    A waitress at a Cracker Barrel in Branson, Missouri, could only groan at the battered and broken state of her car; with a disabled son to support, Cindi Grady couldn't afford to get it fixed, let alone replace it.

    Little did she know, regular customers Gary Tackett and his wife Roxann - who had only recently moved to the area from Arkansas - had noticed her poor vehicle and decided a tip to help her out was in order. The tip, they decided, would be a new (ish) car.

    The Tackett's daughter Chelsea Todd, who shot and posted the video, said: "My parents are the most generous, kind-hearted, loving people I know. I'm so proud to be their daughter! Merry Christmas!"

    She added that the insurance agent, inspection station and mechanic for the new vehicle dropped any fees when they heard the story, so it looks like it's been pass it forward for the good deed too.

    There is a video at the link. Listen out for Cindi's embarrassed groan as Gary invites her out to the parking lot and mentions her car; then watch her reaction when he shows her the one he and his wife have bought her!

    It's Cindi's old vehicle in the photo, of course.

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    Cindi Grady in Branson Missouri will be having a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Her old car was not going to last much longer. Merry Christmas Cindi Grady...

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