On Saturday, January 20, 1979, the nude body of 23-year-old Pamela Jean King John was found floating in the Napa River 100 yards north of the boat ramp near the west bank at Kennedy Park. She was last seen in Vallejo, Solano County, on Friday, January 12.

Pamela Jean was married but preferred to use her maiden name, King.

Police identified her through fingerprints that were on file with the Napa Police Department from two 1976 arrests. A heroin addiction had led her to prostitution. According to the Napa Register, King “associated with violent elements of society.”

King may have been dead before entering the water. She had been dead 24-48 hours when found. Investigators theorized that she died from suffocation or strangulation.

Police suspected that her death might be linked to two incidents involving Vallejo friends of King that suggested foul play. One friend, in her late 20s, had been in a coma for the past two months as a result of mass insulin injections. Police became suspicious when they discovered the woman did not require insulin injections for a health condition. Another friend mysteriously disappeared two weeks prior to January 20, 1979.