Toys R Us stores were visited by two layaway angels this week, resulting in the largest gift-giving ever seen there. Layaway accounts are for people who can't afford to pay for the Christmas toys they want all at once, instead they make payments throughout the year until they've paid for the item and can take it home.

It's become popular over the past few years for customers who can afford it to 'pay it forward' for others - when paying for their own Christmas purchases, they pay off someone's layaway account too. Now, with the deadline for customers with layaway accounts to pay them off just days away, and no doubt with some parents struggling to make the final payments in time to buy their kids gifts for Christmas, angels have gone into two Massachusettes Toys R Us stores and paid off $19,600 and $20,000 in layaway accounts respectively, for people they've never met.The donors haven't been identified but the woman who made the $20,000 donation is reported to have said to the store manager: 'If you have it, give it.'