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    Queen to abdicate on Christmas Day?

    Bookies suspend betting on Queen announcing abdication in Christmas broadcast (Telegraph)
    Coral said it had decided to close its book on the Queen abdicating after a rash of bets, but Palace laughs off rumour

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    I do not believe the Queen will ever abdicate. First of all, the word "abdication" is considered to be nigh onto a swear word within that particular family (after the Edward-Wallis debacle). Secondly, I believe she is the ultimate traditionalist in terms of monarchs serving until death - just as was done by the many Kings and Queens who reigned before her.

    Yes, there are some other thrones in Europe where a monarch has abdicated in favor of a child. But they are not the British throne. And I would guess that Charles is fully aware of this.

    I recently read an extremely interesting book called "King of Fools" by British journalist John Parker. It was written in 1988. It gave the detailed, inside story of the abdication, the aftermath, and the politics and politicians involved. "David", although wildly popular among the British people at the time, was in real life actually quite a bit of a jerk. He was not all that smart, and he was demanding, spoiled and petulant. Wallis treated him like somewhat of a lackey, and he apparently loved it.

    The book contains actual excerpts of letters between the main parties involved in the "abdication crisis" including the Prime Minister, the Bishop of Canterbury, Winston Churchill, and many others. Some of the descriptions exchanged by people who were spending time with "Wallis and David" were a hoot!
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    Thanks shocked......I'll have to check that book out.

    I do not believe she will ever abdicate...lol...I roll and scroll when I see headlines like this.
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    I seriously doubt she would even consider abdication as a viable option. As I understand it she takes the oath she made via radio address when she was a teen to heart. Her oath was to serve the people with her whole heart for the entirety of her life be that long or short. Since that time she has not struck anyone as taking her oath of service lightly.
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