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    NV - Christopher Sena & 2 others for sex abuse, child porn, Las Vegas, 2014

    I am aghast friends. Really.


    From the link:

    The Father Who Made His Kids Have Sex With a Dog
    Christopher Sena presented himself as a loving husband and father but he stands charged with incest, felony child abuse and other horrific crimes.
    Readers of Christopher Sena’s Facebook posts would be forgiven for thinking he was a real family guy.

    A loving husband and responsible father: That’s the image the Las Vegas resident presented on social media.

    In reality, authorities believe, Sena was a perverted monster who practiced child abuse and incest in what the Los Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is calling “one of the most horrific sex rings in memory.”
    Don't take yourself so seriously... nobody else does.

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    life elevated
    Gets worst children's mother also involved.



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    What a disgusting, vile, POS.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    Defense attorney Kristina Wildeveld called Deborah Sena a “severely battered woman” and a victim of her husband, and Wildeveld believes prosecutors have acted improperly in pursuing charges against her client...

    Wildeveld said that both Deborah Sena, Terrie Sena and at least one of the children tried to reach out to authorities about abuse at the hands of Christopher Sena several times. After he learned about attempts to contact Child Protective Services, the children received “huge beatings,” according to Wildeveld.

    At one point, Deborah Sena applied for a temporary restraining order against her husband, but it was denied, according to her attorney. With at least six surveillance cameras scattered throughout the home, Deborah Sena snuck out with two others, fleeing to a shelter, Wildeveld said, and Christopher Sena continued to threaten them.

    Christopher Sena was arrested in September 2014. The abuse, which spanned at least a dozen years, came to light after Deborah Sena, a woman and a child told an attorney about the abuse.

    Police seized electronic storage devices reportedly containing photographs and videos of the two women and Christopher Sena engaging in sexual acts with at least 8 children over the years.

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    Earlier this year, Terrie pleaded guilty to a single count of sexual assault and is serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 10 years. She agreed to testify in the case against her ex-husband.

    Christopher’s defense attorneys turned the focus on her, saying she didn't do anything to stop the abuse.

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    In a letter to the Las Vegas Review-Journal in March this year, one victim said the mothers should not face jail because they were also subjected to years of torture and sexual abuse.

    The victim said the women, like the child victims, lived in constant fear and were monitored 24/7 by Christoper Sena, under threats of violence.

    The letter read: 'Christopher would ask them if (Deborah or Terrie Sena) would like to take the punishment instead of us. And they would take those beatings for us.'

    The victim also added in the letter: 'Our father is in jail, where he belongs. And the absence of our mothers continues to victimize us kids.'

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    According to investigators Terrie Sena, told police she was attracted to young male and female teens, and said it was 'really enjoyable' when one of the boys started to look like Christopher Sena.

    But she told authorities that she later felt 'ashamed' and 'dirty'.

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    A woman who is serving a life sentence for sexually abusing several children has filed a civil rights lawsuit against two corrections officers at the Clark County Detention Center.

    Terrie Sena, 35, says that her cell mate at CCDC repeatedly attacked her in February and April...
    Sena is asking for $100,000 in damages from the officers.

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    From August 2015:

    Christopher Sena is charged with dozens of felony counts, and the judge is trying to determine if there's enough evidence to send the case to trial.

    The courtroom was cleared for much of Friday’s testimony as the children of Sena, his wife and former wife took the stand.

    Metro Detective Vicente Ramirez says it took him weeks to go through all the numerous videotapes and pictures prosecutors say depict Sena sexually abusing his family.

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