One man is dead and police tell us he was found shot in the back with an arrow. Wellsburg Police have identified the victim as Wesley Plants, age 51.

Police believe Plants may have been shot outside of his home at 10 Sanders Ave., and then made his way to a nearby neighbor’s house for help. Somehow he got inside the home and collapsed on the kitchen floor. That is where investigators say they found Plants.

"That's what we're thinking," Lt. Lester Skinner said. "He got struck with the arrow, stumbled out of the foyer, probably saw some lights at the neighbor's house and went looking for help."

Investigators haven’t been able to locate 35-year-old Jammie Victoria Castillo since Wesley Plants was found dead in his neighbor’s yard, killed by a bow and arrow.

“Through people that we talked to that he worked with, they identified her as his girlfriend,” Skinner said. “But we have no local addresses here in the area that we can find her at.”