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    Santa learns to sign for little Sadie and brings her great joy

    Six-year-old Sadie Adam of Westminster, Massachusetts is deaf and knows even Santa can't understand her sign language when she visits him at the town's tree-lighting ceremony each year. She's a gracious, uncomplaining little girl though, and accepts her mom has to interpret her Christmas gift wishes for her.

    Until this year. Sadie didn't know it, but mom Ronelle and Santa (AKA Police Chief Sam Albert) had got together so that Chief Albert had learned enough sign language to be able to start signing to Sadie as soon as she sat on his knee, and understand what she told him.

    ' "He said, 'Hello Sadie, merry Christmas,' and her jaw just dropped," Ronelle Adam said....

    "Usually, the kids run up and sit right on my lap," Albert said.

    When he started signing to Sadie, he said, "She just stopped in her tracks."

    "Her mother was signing, 'Can you believe it, Santa knows sign language?" he said. "At the same time, her mother is crying, and so I'm bubbling up. She was looking at me, amazed." '

    Her little face really is a picture. What a lovely thing for the Chief to do - and he says he's going to learn more sign language for next year.

    Read more: http://www.sentinelandenterprise.com...#ixzz3MRZOpA4x
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    What a lovely thing to do Merry Christmas to you Chief and Sadie. This was one of my favourite scenes in my most favourite Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street (1994 version). Thanks for posting this story Zwiebel it is a welcome relief from the tragic cases on here. Merry Christmas to you, all members and guests.
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