California attorney and proud legal geek Joshua Gilliland, has set out to examine the seasonal (though perhaps not very merry) question of whether Santa has a case to answer for discriminating against Rudolph the Reindeer's red nose. The short answer seems to be no - because animals can't sue and red noses probably fall into the eye-color discrimination category; non-existant.

Nevertheless, like all good lawyers, Gilliland comes to the conclusion he could make a case:

'The cruelty of the other reindeer should have been known by the omniscient Santa Claus. Moreover, driving Rudolph off with an elf aspiring to be a dentist can be directly attributed to the hostile work environment that Santa permitted in his workshop. As such, there could be a very strong case against Santa’s Workshop, but it will be very difficult to empanel a jury that is not biased towards Santa Claus for either being on or off the Nice List.'

Do take a look at the link as the potential case to be brought against poor Santa is very well set out, in best legal geek style!

It's worth looking at Gilliland's twitter too, he's tweeted an interesting article about Santa tracking.