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    UK - PETER TOBIN - 48 Victims?

    The evil Peter Tobin has been quoted as saying he killed 48 women, then told the police to 'prove it'. I do not doubt he killed 48, I really don't. But let's look at WHO he may have killed.
    Serial killers start in their late teens and early twenties. Tobin was born in August 1946, so we use 1966 as a center point.
    Now, let's just have a look...
    Esther Mersy
    A twenty-seven-year-old housewife, vanished on November 29th 1965 from Port Glasgow, lived near Tobin's home. He was 19. She was small, brunette, involved with her local church and has not been found. Her handbag and coat were found in a bus shelter on Largs seafront, a few miles away. Like Dinah, money was taken out of her account.

    Bible John Murders
    I think Tobin is the prime suspect for these.

    April Fabb
    Aged 13, April was cycling between Metton and Roughton on 8th April 1969, in Norfolk. Norfolk is a county that Tobin frequented on bank holidays. 8th April was the day after Easter Monday. Although Robert Black is also a suspect and drove vans (without a license) after 1964, I believe Tobin is stronger, as he was more likely to have been in Norfolk on that SPECIFIC date. April is still missing.

    Jackie Ansell-Lamb and Barbara Mayo
    Hitchhiking on the M1 in March 1970, 18-year-old Jackie Ansell-Lamb was found raped and strangled. Six months later, 24-year-old Barbara Mayo was also raped and strangled near the M1. If you look at her picture, she does look like Dinah.

    Susan Long
    18-year-old Susan Long was catching the last bus home on the night of 10th March, from Norwich to Aylsham. She had been at a dance hall. she was found at 5.15am on 11th March by a milkman, having been strangled and drowned in a puddle.
    Of course, this fits tight with the murder of Jackie, but if we believe Tobin then decided to get as far away from Jackie's murder scene as possible, this works.

    Helen Kane
    The 25-year-old had been out with her husband and friends in Edinburgh in May 1970. She was found stripped and battered on a building site. Angus Sinclair may be responsible but I don't think we should rule Tobin out just yet.

    Anne Law
    34, murdered in Newcastle. Vanished in March 1973, her body found in 1982.

    Wendy Sewell
    The 32-year-old was killed in a cemetery in Bakewell in the Midlands on 12th September 1973. Beaten round the head and assaulted, her death reminds me of the Bible John murders.

    Bridget Findlay
    Unable to find much else.

    Caroline (or Carolyn) Doreen Allen
    Disappeared in April 1974, found dead in December 1975, possibly beaten round the head. Found twenty miles away, I am unable to find much else. She was seventeen.

    Mary Boyle
    Disappeared aged 17 from Norfolk. Might be the Cockley Cley body.

    Cockley Cley Headless Woman
    Found In August 1974, unidentified. Was wearing a Marks and Spencer nightdress and was wrapped in a sheet made in Scotland. The company made six particular sheets between 1962 and 1968. Why only six in six sheets is beyond me.

    Pamela Exall
    Pamela vanished on 27th August 1974 in Snettisham, at the coast. She had gone for a walk. What puzzles me is when her family were shown jewelry from Tobin, they said they recognized it, but it wasn't Pamela's. Vicky Hamilton borrowed her mother's ring when she vanished. Maybe Pamela did the same? Tobin could also have pretended to be a lost tourist and perhaps ask her to point somewhere on a map. She wouldn't be able to see very well, almost dark, so he could have pushed her in.

    Maureen Mulcahy
    22-year-old Maureen was strangled after leaving a pub.

    Brenda Evans
    A 17-year-old, murdered in October 1977, shoved down a manhole and strangled with her tights.

    Jill Barnard
    This one was tricky, as I found literally no information on her. All I know is she vanished sometime in October 1977 and she was 19 and lived in London.

    Jill Brown
    Vanished on 3rd January 1978, aged 19. Not found.

    Asha Bostan
    Only information I can find about this person.

    Margaret Frame
    Murdered in Brighton in 1978, the 36-year-old was raped, stabbed in the back, her throat slit, an attempt was made to severe her head and her jewellery was taken. She was dragged 500 yards and buried in a shallow grave. It took ten days to find her body.

    Yvette Watson
    Yvette was 17 when she was last seen in Norfolk on 30th March 1979. Listed as a runaway, but likely Tobin victim.

    Christina Nuala Bracken AKA Sister Jacinta
    Vanished from Swansea in May 1979. Interestingly, her handbag was found on the shore, like Vicky's purse was near the bus stop. In Tobin's possession are religious medals and rosary beads similar to what a nun would have.

    Suzanne Lawrence
    Aged 14, she disappeared in Harold Hill, Essex.
    As this was in the holidays, Tobin could have been on his way to Norfolk. If so, she could be in Norfolk.

    Teresa De Simone
    Murdered in December 1979 in Southampton. As her jewelry was taken, as well as strangulation and naked from the waist down, this seems to fit.

    Jessie Earl
    Aged 22, she lived in Eastbourne in 1980 when she disappeared. Found in 1989 in Beachy Head. Rather good argument for Tobin having killed her.

    Pamela Hastie
    16, murdered in the area Tobin grew up. Robert Black is a suspect but I say he didn't, as the chances of one serial killer striking where another grew up and was probably living in at the time is minuscule.

    Janice Carole Weston
    Janice was 36 when she was killed in 1983.

    Julie Gardner
    Not able to find much.

    Marion Hodge
    From Dumfries, currently missing.

    Elia Karjalainen
    Hitchhiking in November 1984. Murdered.

    Lisa Hession
    Aged 14, murdered on 8th December 1984 as she came home from a party. Her clothing may have made her look older.

    Suzy Lamplugh
    Went to see a client called 'Mr Kipper' on 28th July 1986. Never returned. Declared dead in 1994.

    Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway
    Aged nine and ten, these two girls were murdered on 9th October 1986 in Wild Park, Brighton.

    Ann Ballantine

    Linda Cook
    Killed in Portsmouth on 9th December 1986.

    Louise Kay
    Aged 18, she disappeared in Eastbourne.

    Donna Healey

    Janine Downes

    Sharon Hoare

    Gail Whitehouse

    Maria Requena

    Nicola Payne

    Johanna Young

    Amanda Duncan

    Jennifer Kiely

    Here is some jewelry that Tobin had in his possession.

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    I forgot one, Anna Kenny.
    Last seen in Glasgow in August 1977, her abduction may have been heard. Her body was found in April 1979, over a hundred miles' drive away. She had been bound by the neck and ankles, similar to Dinah. Angus Sinclair is a suspect but I think this is more likely to be Tobin.

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    Oh, one more quick thing. He doesn't seem to attack in 1976 - 1976 and 1988 - 1990. I'm guessing that's because he had his two young wives to control. The thing is, men like Tobin want control over innocent women and they commit crimes like these when they don;t have easy victims at hand. It's sad, so that's what we need to do to stamp domestic abuse out.

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    Sussex, UK
    Interesting stuff. I'm always surprised Margaret Frame hasn't been looking into more seriously as a possible victim due to Tobin's connections to Brighton and Sussex. It always struck me as not a first time murder.

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    This is the first time I've posted so I hope I don't do anything wrong. I just wanted to ask, if the police have dna from the perpertrator in the
    Jackie Ansell-Lamb and Barbara Mayo investigation, as stated in that news report linked, then wouldn't the police have already ruled out Peter Tobin in that case?

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    I haven't read through them all yet but I see some of the others have dna available, too. Does anyone know if the police would have already checked against Peter Tobin in these cases? I thought they had some sort of system to check dna samples against all those of known criminals?

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    Because there are all sorts of rules and checking, I think. It's ridiculous.

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    My mistake in regards to Post Five.

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    Ive always believed tobin is responsible for more murders then he has been convicted of. There certainly seemed to be a firm belief that he was responsible for Louise Kays disappearance theres just been no proof to confirm it.

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    Does anybody know if any of the jewelry found was linked to any of the women mentioned in this thread?

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    It said none of the jewelry has been identified, but Pamela Exall's family said that, although none of the jewelry shown was hers, they recognized it. That doesn't make sense. Then again Vicky had taken jewelry from her mother's jewelry box before she vanished, so maybe whatever Exall took wasn't hers?

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    If thats the case then it links Tobin with pamela Exall. The problem is despite extensive searches of other properties tobin lived in and checks on his past theyve been unable to find any concrete evidence linking him to other crimes. I do believe Tobin is bible john the John semple link is to much of a coincidence.

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    Something I eventually found out about Elizabeth Swann is that she vanished in June 1973. Elizabeth was 23 when she left Birmingham to get a job as a receptionist in Gloucester - she intended to hitchhike there. No prizes for guessing who else is suspected!

    Tobin, I think, was released in late 1973, so if this is right, it rules him out of Elizabeth's disappearance.

    Also, Tobin dumped Angelika in the church they worked in. Maybe he dumped other bodies in churches or graveyards? Or like Jessie Earl, they could be left in beauty spots i.e., the Norfolk Broads for April, Pamela Exall or Yvette; somewhere else on Beachy Head for Louise; suburban areas in Cambridgeshire and Surrey for any London crimes; the Scottish Highlands; there are numerous beauty spots they could have been dumped. After all, the Cockley Cley body was found by the side of the road, I believe. If the witness hadn't been passing, the body might still have been there. Maybe he had a certain area for Norfolk to come back to?

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    The police have searched houses that Tobin has lived in. But Tobin worked as a handy man and odd job man in various churches and hotels i believe the police should have carried out searches on places where tobin used to work. it is interesting to note that vicky and dinah were found in his back garden and angelika found in the church where he worked. All three were found in places that were close to Tobin. I think the hotel he was working in around the time louise kay vanished should be searched.

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