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    Ireland's vanishing triangle

    The "Vanishing Triangle" disappearances cases all appeared to share some common characteristics, for example; the women were all young, ranging from their late teens to forty years of age; they disappeared inexplicably and suddenly and no substantial clues or evidence of their fate has ever been found despite large scale searches and campaigns by the Irish police force, or Gardaí, to find them. Another important characteristic is that all disappearances occurred in a geographal area which subsequently became popularly known in the media as "The Vanishing Triangle".
    The following women are usually included in the unofficial listing:

    Annie McCarrick, disappeared 1993. A 26 year old American student living in Sandymount, she was last seen outside Johnny Fox's Pub in Glencullen, County Dublin.[5]
    Eva Brennan, 40. She disappeared in 1993. After leaving her parents house to return to her apartment she was never seen again.
    Imelda Keenan, 22. Originally from Mountmellick, Co. Laois, Imelda disappeared on 3 January 1994 with the last confirmed sighting of her being in Lomarard Street, Waterford.[6]
    Josephine (JoJo) Dollard, 21,[7] disappeared 1995. Vanished in the Moone area while hitch-hiking home from Dublin to Kilkenny one night; a witness saw her using a payphone. She was never seen again.
    Ciara Breen, 18, went missing in 1998 from the Dundalk area
    Deirdre Jacob, 18, vanished without trace just yards from her parents home as she walked home in 1998. This particular case is often said to be the most puzzling as the girl was almost home, passing motorists witnessed the girl approaching within yards of her parents drive-way, but for some reason, she never made it to her house. No trace has ever been found.
    Fiona Pender, 25, stepped out of her flat one evening in 1996 and was never seen again. Fiona was seven months pregnant when she disappeared.
    Fiona Sinnott, 19. In 1998 she was last seen leaving a pub in Broadway, County Wexford.

    Larry murphy is the only suspect


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    Yeah, it kind of looks like a serial killer with this.

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    These are cases that have haunted Ireland since the 90's, it would be great to get the websleuths great sleuths to look into this...I'm still very new to this.

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    Good thread Sinead, and thanks for it.

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    You are very welcome!!

    And bump!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    Good thread Sinead, and thanks for it.
    Unless I provide a link, every one of my posts are to be considered rumor, Speculation, or simply MY OWN OPINION.

    We are the watchers. We are witnesses. We see what has gone before. We see what happens now, at this dangerous moment in human history. We see what's going to happen - what will surely happen - unless we come together: we - the Peoples of all Nations - to restore peace and harmony and balance to the Earth, our Mother.

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    There was another guy nicknamed the wolf who was suspect in some of theses vanashings. Can't remember his name I think he is in jail now for rapes.

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    Hi Sinead thanks for the thread. I am a serving force member and know serving officers within operation Trace which basically is Irelands missing women. I'm of the firm opinion that Larry Murphy who has been questioned at length while in custody in Arbour Hill and he point blank refused to answer any question is responsible. Detectives can place him at every dissapperance or within 3 miles of them, Deirdre Jacob he was working as a carpenter on the same road on the same day she vanished.

    Only ones i think is not connected is Eva Brennan and Fiona Pender doesn't fit for me. Fiona's killer was known to her and is known to Gardai but lack of body and evidence is a major stumbling block.

    The girl Larry was convicted of raping and snatching would never have been found only for the 2 hunters that night, he left her to die.

    MODS..Larry Murphy is an official suspect for these murders.

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    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news...serial-5088804 Yes....Larry Murphy, what a shame he only served 10 years. The only way this animal may be brought to account is if the bodies of any of his victims are found, which seems unlikely after all this time (IMO). He is living in London now apparently.

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    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there seem to be a significant (or at least noticeable) number of instances, both in past and current serial murder investigations, and in many unsolved cases where there have been suspects but no conviction due to insufficient evidence (and even in "solved cases" where someone has already been convicted of or confessed to a murder but where there remains some mystery or controversy), where multiple suspected murderers and/or convicted murderers/rapists are found to have been in the same area at the right time, and/or have similar MO's, or are proven to have had prior dealings with other suspects or victims or some other "circumstantial" connection that is never fully explained. Anomalies where a certain individuals are initially suspected for various reasons only to be "ruled out" or where investigation is inconclusive.

    And then there is the recent spate of "inquests", almost all of which end up sparking renewed interest in other "possibly related" cold cases and convicted serial perpetrators.

    I seem to be noticing numerous instances of "co-incidences" in many "unrelated" cold cases / inquests / solved cases / current investigations, both tentative and obvious, and which become more plausible when considered along with the historically evidenced practices of the organized elements of sinister underworld associations, but which seem innocuous or irrelevant when viewed individually.

    It is a phenomenon I have come to think of as "overlapping".

    Brings to mind things like that book on Amazon written by some pedophile in which he tells aspiring pedophiles how to commit their crimes "successfully", and the fact that successful career criminals are often very proficient at networking, and are criminally versatile...

    Then there are the recent successes by International LE in operations like Operation Yewtree (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Yewtree) to consider, along with the "Occult Agenda" phenomenon and the fact that the claims of conspiracy theorists like David Icke (http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/6...-since-savile/ ) are no longer disregarded as the rantings of lunatics, and nowadays are often remarked on with little more than a cliche apathy that can be summed up with "Yeah, surprised he hasn't been knocked off yet... yawn"...

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    I guess the witness harassment, attempted murders, state collusion and gross incompetence, involving a witness from a young German Tourist murder nearly 30 years ago, has let this animal go on, to murder other young women, and become a serial murderer. I came across this disturbing letter from this witness, were constant harassment from those involved has destroyed his life again; (Notice any common suspects crossing over to other missing/murdered women??)

    Dear Mrs Dickson,
    It has arrived at a stage in the murder case, where the only question can be when your family will come clean, with the horrendous murder and cover up of a young German Tourist, and to stop pestering and defaming the witness and his family.
    The witness has identified members of your family in the area when Inga disappeared, and also members of your family in possession of some of Inga’s personal belongings.
    A Mr. fixit (Chris/Manchester) for Naval personnel screw up’s was contacted by a member of the Navy in your family.
    A man married into your family was identified as driving off in a car that morning with the ‘wolfman’ as a passenger, who is wanted in connection with other missing/murdered women. Both men originally from the Carlow/Kilkenny area, and attached to Irish Guars and members of the Security Forces.
    Network Intelligence shows a connection back to this person in your family, and a Religious order helping to cover the ’sins’ of your family, in the Enniscorthy area.
    I wish to know how many families your family intend to destroy, before some sense of conscience arises or remorse becomes evident?
    I believe everyone should carry and pay for their own sins, and not cause trouble for others.
    Your son was in a fatal car crash with a girl from Cork, while high on drugs, drunk, with no license nor Insurance.
    On top of trying to push responsibility onto others, and finger other people, this person, skipped out on Student Loans, Child support, and is now free to teach English on a forged Degree?
    I can not see any regret nor accepting responsibility for ones own actions.

    Murder is a very serious business, so too, the harassment of the witness and his family.
    The witness was getting on with and building a live, and again members of your family create trouble and hassle for this witness.
    Perjury and contempt of court, with witness harassment is a very serious offence, especaially when a murder is involved.
    A simple DNA sample from yourself or your grandchildren, should cross reference, identify, and get to root of any problem you have with the witness, and any of members of his family.

    UN International task force has Network Intelligence against the Church hiding the ‘wolfman,’ this intelligence shows phone numbers, and bank transfers to sponsor a shadow of the witness with malicious intend. The Intelligence shows a religious order behind 2 firewalls in the Enniscorthy area, and also phone calls originating in the North of Ireland, connected to the driver (Michael McHugh) and the ‘wolfman,’ the morning they departed behind Inga Maria Hauser.
    Both originally from the Carlow/Kilkenny area.
    Michael McHugh, had an Address attached to Twickenham and West London, and the Irish Guard, at the time of murder.
    Michael McHugh was Identified as the driver of a White Sports car he had on Hire Purchase at that time.
    The passenger (the ‘wolfman’,) in this car has already threatened to bury the witness with Ciara Breen (Vanishing Triangle,) in ‘The Bog’ in Monaghan area.
    The rear seat passenger in this white sports car, was a Patrick Toal from the Keady area.

    The murder and subsequent cover up, of Sophie Toscan du Plantier case in Cork, whom shared common connections with French and Parisian friends of the witness, connects Michael Doran and Bryan Kane, with Michael McHugh and the covering up of these other murdered/missing women.

    A Briege Dickson was identified as wearing a white woollen pashmina shawl and Brioche belonging to Inga Maria Hauser. Briege Dickson claims this was a, “..hand me up,” from a Donna Dickson.

    Your family has split up the family of the witness, and caused a great deal of emotional distress.
    There has been substantial financial lose, but more importantly time lost with his young children.
    Your family has spread poisonous malicious rumours causing relationship difficulties.
    The witness has never had a problem, verbally or physically with any of his old French friends, and he certainly does not have any children in this country, he has seldomly even had a relationship with any women from this country, not just finding repulsion due to unappealing backwardness, and their under-evolved views on lifestyle and living or beauty, but their level of intelligence and intellect, too. Germany and France dwarf the island of Ireland, and have called out time and time again the lies, against the character of the witness, the constant pursuit, and the involvement of the State and Church in the cover up and protection of these murderers.

    The honourable thing, would be provide a DNA to resolve the problem, defaming and derogatory comments directed towards the witness and his family.

    The witness was contacted by German Intelligence while at St. Louis Grammar School, and had located and identified other personal effects of Inga’s, which turned up in the hands of pupils.
    The witness has also spent a lot of time putting names to face’s and suspects into cars from that morning, attached to other branches of the Security forces.

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    Larry Murphy is a permanent scapegoat for the 'wolfman' and the corrupt State and Gardai collusion in covering these murder cases, just look at the lies told to Germany and France.

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    I reckon the old holy cross troll group, is creaking and shaking in the run up to these Murder cases, and the Madeleine Mc Cann case.

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    Have I missed something, or are we talking in riddles for a reason?

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