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    Falling ravens reveal 100-year-old note to Santa

    Little Hayly H may have missed out on the gift of a new dress and book she wanted Santa to bring. It looks like he didn't get the sweet letter she wrote him - it's just fallen out of a school chimney, nearly 100 years after she placed it there.

    The letter is cute, with Hayly addressing it to 'Daddy Xmas', and the school is a an old private one; Haberdashers Monmouth School for Girls, in Wales, UK, where pupils are boarders. So it's not particularly bizarre that a child long ago would have followed the tradition of placing a letter in the chimney for Santa.

    What does seem VERY bizarre is how that letter managed not to get burnt in all the decades of open fires that chimney must have seen, and also...it was discovered when the chimney was cleaned 'because ravens kept falling down it'?? It sounds very like a Harry Potter-ish type of school, to me.

    And one more little odd thing; the book young Hayly asked for was 'Tell England', which was a then newly printed book all about a boys' private boarding school. Just seemed a little unusual to me, for a young girl in 1922 to be requesting a book undoubtedly intended for boys. Perhaps she was just ahead of her time though.

    Aw heck. It's Christmas. Time to stop sleuthing and let this little mystery remain just that. A Christmas mystery.

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