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    NH/MA/RI - Edward Mayrand, tied to murders of three women, 1983-94


    Twenty-seven years after a woman was reported missing, New Hampshire State Police said they have solved her murder. Police said Edward Mayrand killed Judith Whitney in 1987...

    In 2010, the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit started working with Massachusetts State Police to solve the Whitney murder. Police believed Whitney's murder and an unsolved murder of Kathleen Daneault in 1983 were connected. In June of 2011, police obtained a search warrant to test a sample of Mayrand's DNA. At that point, investigators learned Mayrand was very ill.

    In September of 2014, testing came back that confirmed Mayrand's DNA was on the ligature used to strangle Daneault. New Hampshire Cold Case investigators said this convinced police Mayrand killed Daneault. Corroborative evidence based upon similar details of the two murders also convinced investigators that Mayrand killed Whitney. However, Mayrand died of metastatic lung cancer in 2011 and therefore cannot be prosecuted for either murder.

    Mayrand died of lung cancer in a Rhode Island prison in 2011, where he was serving a 35-to-60-year sentence for murdering 46-year-old Patricia Paquette in Providence in 1994. Paquette was reported missing on Dec. 8, 1994, and her body found two weeks later in a vacant house near where Mayrand was staying. She had been strangled and dismembered...

    In December 1975, Mayrand met a woman in a Warwick, Massachusetts bar, according to the cold case report. He drove her to a remote area, punched her, choked her with her own scarf then drove her to a cemetery where he raped her. He said he couldn’t let her go because she would go to police. She escaped, running naked through the woods to a nearby house for help. Mayrand was convicted of rape and was in prison until 1983...

    Agati said no other active cold cases are believed to be linked to Mayrand.
    No cases that they know of, I guess, but that doesn't necessarily mean there weren't other victims.

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    From the AP article linked above:

    [Patricia Paquette's] body was found two weeks later in a vacant house near where Mayrand was staying. She had been strangled and dismembered.

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    It's very weird that it took them TWENTY SEVEN YEARS to charge him with the other two murders, since right after this poor woman's dismembered body was found (in my neighborhood at the time, btw) the police were linking him to the other two murders, even before he was arrested.

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