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    NY - Marlene Ferguson, 50, East Northport, 9 December 1982

    Marlene Ferguson of East Northport, NY was murdered the evening of December 9th, 1982. The details that I am going to give you are from newspaper articles as well as several family membersí recollections. Therefore, while I believe all of the information to be accurate, there maybe some discrepancies.

    Her body was found December 10, 1982 by the newspaper boy. When she didnít answer the door, he peered through a window and saw her on the ground. When the police arrived a neighbor mentioned that she had suffered a stroke 2 years earlier, so the detectives immediately assumed that she died of natural causes. It was not until the following day when the autopsy was being performed, that the medical examiner notice a bullet hole. The police did not see it because she had very thick black hair and they felt that the bleeding was consistent with that of a stroke or an aneurysm. There were also no signs of forced entry, she was wearing jewelry when found and had money and jewelry in the house that was not touched. When police realized that it was a murder they returned to the house. However, the day before (when it was thought that she died of natural causes), they told a family member to clean up. There were several articles written about the murder and one series of articles about the Suffolk County Homicide and their poor handling of crime scenes which cited this case, among others. It was believed she was murdered the evening of December 9th.

    From what I've been told, the last person to speak with her was the husband of a good friend of hers. They were on the phone and someone came to her door. She told her friend that she was going to answer the door and the she would call him back the following day. He said that he would hold on while she answered the door. She decided to end the conversation anyway, answer the door and go to bed. Family members believe that whomever was at the door was likely her killer. I've been told by family members that, while cleaning up, someone remembered seeing 2 glasses on her table - as if she had someone over but no family members or friends mentioned visiting her the day she died. The killer is assumed to be someone she knew enough to let into her home.

    Thank you in advance for reading and for any assistance you can provide! Closer Look.pdfHandling of Evidence.pdfLife of tenacity.pdfMopped Up Clues.pdfUnexamined Clues.pdf

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    Interesting that the detectives would think a stroke would cause EXTERNAL bleeding. Could they have thought she perhaps hit her head and that was the source of the bleeding?

    And I'm compelled to ask- are you a family member? Just curious...
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    Thanks for responding! Yes. I am a family member.

    I'm not sure exactly what the police believed. I just think because there was no forced entry or theft that when a neighbor mentioned that she had a stroke they simply didn't suspect any foul play. It wasn't until she was at the M.E.'s office that they spotted the bullet hole. I'm just going on what I've been told and what has been written about her murder.

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    How old was she?
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