Teen whose legs were severed by train during 18th birthday dies in hospital

A teenager whose legs were severed in a train accident at Taree during his 18th birthday celebrations has died in hospital, police say.

Police are still examining how the man came to be on the train tracks at 4.30 on the morning he was struck.

They are also looking at the actions of a group of people who hurled rocks and verbal abuse at emergency service workers as they arrived to try to help the teenager, who was trapped beneath the train and lapsing in and out of consciousness.


This is such a tragic story, the poor boy and his family.

I am totally baffled by the onlookers who were harassing the police and rescue workers who were trying to save him. This group of people hurled rocks and verbally abused, pushed and shoved the emergency crew and police. It's unimaginable that people would act like this, maybe they were drunk, but it's just no excuse, imo.