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    Liquored up zebra finches aid science research

    Buzzed birds slur their songs, researchers find (L.A. Times)

    For a study published in PLoS ONE, scientists found that when they got some unsuspecting zebra finches drunk, the birds slurred their songs. The findings could help scientists study the neural processes underlying birdsong – and shed light on human speech.
    the rest at (hiccup) link above

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    Interesting read. Thanks woofie.

    For many years, my mother had a huge cage of Zebra finches. They are noisy, messy, hyperactive & oh-so-cute. Too much time with them could make the staunchest tea-totaler pour a drink. Hats off to the scientists who collected the drunken bird data! I wonder if alcohol affected their love lives.... finches are notorious for lovey-dovey activity.

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    They didn't share if the buzz enhanced their love life, but .. zebras being the way they are, they'd probably all land on the bottom of cage dead if it did increase their wee little sex drives.

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    When I was a kid we had a couple of finches, Tweetie and Alexander. Rarely, but it did happen, Alexander would escape from the cage. Chaos would erupt in the house to find/catch him. We had a three-tier wire mesh of hanging baskets in the kitchen containing fruits, vegetables, etc. and would find Alexander there, hiding amongst the potatoes.

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