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    Joe Cocker's Mad Dog ranch for sale

    Following his recent death, singer Joe Cocker's 'Mad Dog' ranch in Colorado has gone up for sale, for $7million. For those of you curious about houses, there's a lot of photos at the links, but don't expect any madness - despite the name, the house looks surprisingly traditional.

    From a previous article about Mad Dog ranch, it looks like Joe planned to sell it early in 2014 and downgrade to a smaller place across the road. Sadly, he ran out of time. It sounds as though he had many great years in the home though - and what a dramatic backdrop that mountain makes!

    ' “Joe just wanted to have someplace that was a quiet little getaway,” Pennetta said. “He wasn’t interested in all the trappings of the fast life anymore.”

    So he passed up swankier ski-town addresses for a 243-acre spread in tiny Crawford, naming it the Mad Dog Ranch. The couple built a 7-bedroom home that soon became their main residence. Cocker hired local craftspeople to do the work.

    When the home was completed, he made friends with the locals and hosted meetings of the town’s snooker club on his imported snooker table which, according to legend and his real estate agent, once belonged to famed pirate Blackbeard. At the beginning of every school year, Cocker hosts a party for local teachers in the three-town.'..


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