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    Idaho Fugitive Taunts Cops Via Facebook

    He's escaped from jail, but not from insulting police on social media.

    Months after hopping the barbed wire fence at an Idaho jail, fugitive Nick Grove continues to taunt authorities with constant Facebook posts - and his latest ones indicate he jumped the border to Mexico.

    His Facebook page, which now includes the name Johnny in parentheses, noted his current residence as Cancun. He also posted in November scenic resort pictures on the page purportedly of the resort city.

    Other pictures include him with several women, one of whom he is kissing. He is also shown standing shirtless on the beach. In another picture, he is holding up his middle finger.


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    Not a smart move.

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    Even Facebook, and the Mexican Authorities are on the cops side helping them LOL. It's only a matter of time before they get him.

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    Some guys...

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    Another degenerate.

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    why was he in jail? "weapons charges"? What did he do?

    Ultimately Grove said he didn't believe police would go through the trouble of tracking him down for his burglary and felony firearm possession charges, in which he was behind bars for.

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