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    Bones on beach source likely Irish 'coffin ship'

    Bones found on Canadian beach likely from ‘coffin ship’ from Ireland’s Great Famine (Washington Post)

    The bones — vertebrae, pieces of a jawbone — washed up in 2011 on Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula, about 500 miles from Montreal. After three years of research, Parks Canada says that they likely belonged to Irish children fleeing the Great Famine who died in a shipwreck.

    “They are witnesses to a tragic event,” said Pierre Cloutier, an archeologist at Parks Canada, told the Globe and Mail. “You can’t have a more tangible witness to tragedy than human remains.”
    the story at the links

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    La Luna
    Probably one of my red haired relatives.
    Be the most brilliant color in the box!

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    A sad reminder of a very dark time in history. Sad too that they've lain there all these years, I hope now they'll be given a decent burial.

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