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    Quote Originally Posted by Rle7 View Post
    The families of Amber Redman, who was last seen July 15, 2005, outside Trapper's bar in Fort Qu'Appelle and five-year-old Tamra Keepness, who was reported missing from her Regina home July 6, 2004, are waiting word on their whereabouts.

    The RCMP have charged a 29-year-old man with the murder of Saskatchewan teenager Amber Redman.

    Albert Patrick Bellegarde of the Little Black Bear First Nation has been charged with the first-degree murder of Redman, 19, who disappeared in 2005, the RCMP said Tuesday afternoon.

    Bellegarde appeared before a justice of the peace Tuesday afternoon in Regina. He was remanded in custody and is scheduled to appear in Regina provincial court Wednesday morning.

    A second man, 31, who's also from the Little Black Bear reserve, is in custody following his arrest Monday evening in Meadow Lake.


    Bellegarde was charged a day after police announced they had found human remains believed to be those of Redman on the Little Black Bear reserve about 125 kilometres northeast of Regina.


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    Hundreds March For Their 'Stolen Sisters'

    Nina Courtepatte, Katie Cardinal, Aielah Saric-Auger, Rachel Quinney, Irene LeGrande.

    It is a roll call of just a few of the more than 500 aboriginal women who have been murdered or gone missing in Western Canada in recent decades.

    The dead and the missing were remembered Saturday by more than 200 people who joined the second annual Stolen Sisters Awareness Walk, which wound its way through the neighbourhoods of Spruce Avenue and Alberta Avenue.

    The walk aims to raise awareness of -- and bring an end to -- the disproportionate amount of violence committed against indigenous women, who make up less than three per cent of the Canadian population.

    "We talk about the 500 murdered and missing aboriginal women, but we know it is far more than that," Joanne Daniels, who is with the Institute of the Advancement of Aboriginal Women, told walk participants gathered at the Canadian Native Friendship Centre.

    "Those are only the ones that have been reported," she said.


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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    Oh My Lord-how did I miss this story??? I will catch up-this is unbelievable...too much like Juarez for me...

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    This should be added to this thread


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    Believe...I just did a search of "Juarez" and this thread came up. I'd like to start a thread on the Juarez serial killings, do you have any good information?

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    Bump up

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    There are more than three women now connected the the highway of tears cases. I believe there are at least eight. www.highwayoftears.ca

    Latest NEWS April 19, 2009 - See News!

    Twitter by Private PI Ray Michalko re Highway of Tears

    Inquiry demands getting louder

    Erickson new Highway of Tears co-ordinator

    Open letter calls for public inquiry into missing and murdered women

    Here is a recent thread on how Saskatchewan is taking a look at a possible serial offender.

    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=87303"]RCMP reviewing cold-case homicides for signs of serial killer - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

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    It's a great idea that these families have united to find their loved ones and demand justice.
    Bless them......this is awful,to many gone!
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    Is there any way we can get a complete list of the women and girls names?

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    Lighting The Way Home has Missing People listed by Provinces - Canada

    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=330"]Canada - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    Here is a respected blog that might help.

    Finding the names of all the missing in Canada is a tough job. While we do compile stats on missing children, there is no such references for the missing women.


    HELEN BETTY OSBORNE, aged 19 was abducted by four men and brutally murdered near The Pas, Manitoba, on November 13, 1971. Although four men participated in her rape and murder, only one man was convicted 17 years later and served five years of a life sentence
    COLLEEN SHOOK, of Burnaby, BC, stabbed to death while getting off a bus. UNSOLVED
    JUDY DICK, aged 14 of BC repeatedly stabbed in heart and stomach in BC. 27 years later an Ontario man has been charged wtih her murder.
    CHARLENE CATHOLIQUE, aged 15. DOB June 23, 1975. .Missing since July 18, 1990 from Snowdrift, Northwest Territories Canada., where she attended a conference. UNSOLVED.
    ANN RUBY THRELFELL, 24, of Vancouver, BC, strangled to death, Jan. 12, 1980.UNSOLVED
    JACKALEEN PATRICIA DYCK, aged 23 years old, stabbed 28 times as her two young children slept in the next room, in her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on October 3, 1980. UNSOLVED
    MARY JANE SERLOIN, aged 35, missing on December 23, 1981.
    Mary Jane’s nude body was found in in Lethbridge, Alberta on December 25, 1981.
    John Wayne Crawford was convicted of her murder. He was sentenced to ten years in prison, and was released in 1989. He immediately went on another murder spree rapping, torturing and killing at least three other young first Nations women.
    REBECCA GUNO, aged 23, drug addicted prostitute disappeared from downtown eastside Vancouver June 23, 1983. Reported missing June 25, 1983. UNSOLVED
    MARIE EDITH BANKS, strangled on August 15, 1983, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. UNSOLVED
    YVONNE MARLENE ABIGOSIS, aged 23.. born November 23d, 1957, last seen on January 1st, 1984 and reported missing on May 22nd, 2002. UNSOLVED
    CONSTANCE LYNNE CAMERON, strangled August 3, 1984 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.Constance’s body was found face down with her arms stretched over her head. A black tank top, which she had been wearing, was rolled up to her neck suggesting that her body had been dragged to this location.UNSOLVED
    UNIDENTIFIED first nations girl between 14 – 16, whose skull was found in Stanley Park(Vancouver)near Beaver Lake, July 17, 1990. It is believed she was killed sometime between 1985 and 1990. UNSOLVED
    RACHEL TURLEY, 20, found Oct. 28, 1985, beaten and strangled . in Vancouver .UNSOLVED
    CHANTAL MARIE VENNE, 21, in Esquimalt, BC, was found strangled with the belt of her coat and her hands bound. with the belt of her coat and her hands bound. Was tortured, sexually assaulted and her partly clad body dumped in an industrial area on Feb. 25, 1986.UNSOLVED
    DONNA ROSE KISS, aged 25, of BC on Aug. 2, 1986. She was strangled with a tie and her body was dumped UNSOLVED
    BERNADETTE LECLAIR, raped and murdered in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1987. A man was finally arrested in July, 2000, but a trial has not yet been had. UNSOLVED
    DONNA CHARLIE,from Fort Ware, BC. raped and murdered at the Sportsman Hotel in Prince George BC in 1987. UNSOLVED
    DONNA TEBBENHAM, raped and murdered in Thunder Bay in 1987. A man was finally arrested in July, 2000, but a trial has not yet been had. UNSOLVED
    NAOMI LEIGH DESJARLAIS was found murdered in Regina in 1987. UNSOLVED
    CAROL RUBY DAVIS, aged 29, whose partly nude body was dumped in the bush near Wiggins Ave. in Burnaby, BC, June 20, 1987. She was the mother of two and a known drug user.She had been stabbed to death. UNSOLVED
    ROSE MINNIE PETERS, 28, of Vancouver, BC strangled, beaten and sexually assaulted April 3, 1988. UNSOLVED
    TERESSA WILLIAMS, aged 16. Teressa is a know drug user and sex trade worker in the downtown east side Vancouver. She was last seen in July 1988 and reported missing in March 1999. UNSOLVED
    LISA MARIE GAVIN, 21, of Vancouver, BC, beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled before being dumped in a lane behind Knight Rd. Aug. 13/88. UNSOLVED
    GEORGETTE FLINT, aged 19. Her her half-naked decomposed body was found in September 1988 in Alberta
    ALBERTA WILLIAMS, aged 24, found murdered Sept. 25, 1988. in BC
    She had been reported missing a month earlier. UNSOLVED
    CATHERINE MARY DAIGNAULT , aged 40,of Vancouver, found beaten to death at a Maple Ridge construction site,May 31, 1989. UNSOLVED
    FRANCES ANN GRANT, 33, of Vancouver, whose nude body was found dumped behind a house June , 1989. UNSOLVED
    WENDY POOLE, aged 26, of Vancouver, found beaten to death Jan. 26, 1989 on the second floor of a Downtown Eastside housing co-op. She was the mother of one and was pregnant with her second child. A man arrested in connection with her death was later acquitted. UNSOLVED
    CHARLENE KERR, 29, of Vancouver, BC. discovered in a pool of blood in a Gastown Hotel. She was a drug addicted prostitute and is believed to have been killed during a robbery in 1990. UNSOLVED
    JANE LOUISE SUTHERLAND, a Cree teenager,She’d been strangled and her skull crushed with repeated blows from a blunt instrument in Ottawa area in 1990. UNSOLVED
    BONNIE KATE WHALAN, 32, of Vancouver BC whose remains were found near the Seymour River in North Vancouver, April 2, 1990. UNSOLVED
    CHERI LYNN SMITH, aged 18, of Victoria, BC, who had been a peer counsellor and a B-plus student in Victoria until she met her teenage boyfriend who later became her pimp. She disappeared in June 1990.Her badly decomposed body was found dumped in bushed in a Saanich regional park, Sept. 9, 1990.She was beaten to death. Police believe her murder is linked to the the murders of three other prostitutes..UNSOLVED
    NANCY JANE BOB, In August 1990,
    Trevor Rodney Peters, who pleaded guilty to murder and received a life sentence
    KIMBERLEY GALLUP, 18, of Victoria, BC, was working as a prostitute She was found at 4 a.m. Nov.21,1990 in a room at the Colony Motor Inn, strangled.UNSOLVED
    MELISSA NICHOLSON, 17, found slain beside a gravel road at Shawnigan lake, BC, June 11, 1991. UNSOLVED
    GLENDA MORRISSEAU, aged 19. Glenda, a student at R.B. Russell School, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Last seen alive during the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 17, 1991 Glenda’s partially naked and battered body was discovered on Wednesday, August 7, 1991, in a St. Boniface industrial area, about five kilometers from where she was last seen. UNSOLVED
    CRYSTAL WRIGHT, aged 19, of Kelowna, BC, found dead at the Abbott Villa Inn, Sept. 26,1991. The man who killed her turned himself in at the police station claiming he was drunk at the time. He got 2 1/2 years in jail. She was seven months pregnant.
    SHIRLEY LONETHUNDER originally from White Bear First Nation in southeast Saskatchewan.Disappeared in 1991 UNSOLVED
    BERNADINE STANDINGREADY, 26, of Vancouver, BC, found murdered Nov. 12, 1991. UNSOLVED
    CHERYL-ANNE JOE, 26, murdered and sexually mutilated, Jan 20, 1992 A Vancouver man charged with her murder.. UNSOLVED
    CRYSTA LYNN DAVID, 21, found March 25, 1992, smothered to death in her basement suite in New Westminster, BC. UNSOLVED
    PATRICIA PENDLETON, 29, of Mission, BC, stabbed 21 times in the throat and 5 times in the torso with two separate knives in June /92;There was no evidence of sexual activity, but the wounds were consistent with torture. Her skull had been fractured by one or more blows. Scott Clifford Aune, 29, also of Mission was charged with second degree murder in the vicious killing, but was found not guilty. UNSOLVED

    see link for rest of Blogger Hazel's research.

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    Vigils honour hundreds of missing aboriginal women

    Oct 04, 2009 07:26 PM


    Dozens of vigils were held across the country Sunday to remember more than 500 aboriginal women who have vanished in the last three decades and to draw attention to what organizers called a national tragedy.


    "We call for a national plan of action that recognizes the violence faced by aboriginal women because they are aboriginal," organizer Alana Lee said as sweetgrass smoke hung heavy in the air.

    "Violence against aboriginal women is too big a problem to ignore."


    "We all have a responsibility that if we see something that we don't approve of, speak up, say something because you never know, that might be the call that actually saves someone's life," she said through tears.


    "It's because of the systemic structures of poverty, colonization and racism."

    The Canadian government is unwilling to protect First Nations women from the violence, Reynolds said.

    (Snipped and formatted.)

    More at:

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    Sisters lead hunt for native justice

    They are the keepers of the flame for more than 500 missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada. And their crusade has become--for the moment, anyway--the whole country's crusade.

    From a cramped, west-end Ottawa office decorated with dream catchers and infused with hope, the place where a great divide is bridged between hundreds of grieving communities across Canada and the powers that be on Parliament Hill, a small team of researchers and outreach workers is trying hard not to say: "We told you so."

    But the people behind Sisters in Spirit, a five-year, federally funded initiative launched in 2005 by the Native Women's Association of Canada, have been saying all along what most Canadians are just now waking up to after a recent media blitz about murdered and missing women in Western Canada.

    They've been telling Canadians that the dead and disappeared are almost everywhere across the country; that there is no single serial killer at work, except apathy; that the tragedy runs deep into the history of aboriginal dispossession and discrimination; that jurisdictional tangles and cultural blind spots help explain why so many killings and so many vanished women have been relegated to the cold-case file.


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    March to remember missing, murdered women

    Some of the hundreds who marched through Vancouver's Downtown Eastside on Valentine's Day to remember the city's missing and murdered women say they're still concerned a forthcoming public inquiry is solely focused on the high-profile case of serial killer Robert Pickton.

    Carrying baskets of red and yellow roses, giant photo collages of lost loved ones and hand-printed signs warning about the "danger" of certain men, the large crowd walked through drenching rain after a memorial service in a Downtown Eastside community centre.

    It was the 20th year for the annual march, which started as residents of the blighted neighbourhood tried desperately to bring attention to women -- many aboriginal sex workers -- who were disappearing in growing numbers.

    Just before Monday's grim ceremony, advocates spoke out about what they say are inadequacies with the provincial inquiry, which is expected to get under way later this year. Among their concerns were a perceived lack of consultation with the victims' families and aboriginal groups, as well as the appointment of just a single commissioner to oversee the hearings.

    "We're talking about, frankly, the most pressing social issue of our time," Angela MacDougall, one of several march organizers, told a news conference.

    "We should all be extremely concerned by this lack of attention by the provincial government."

    Another big mistake is failing to include women and girls who have vanished for years along the so-called Highway of Tears in northern British Columbia, she said.


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    Is there a list of these missing women anywhere, with descriptions and other information? The Unidentified section lists a number of women who are thought to be of native ancestry who might be connected.
    Opinions expressed are strictly my own (who else would they belong to???)

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbuff View Post
    Is there a list of these missing women anywhere, with descriptions and other information? The Unidentified section lists a number of women who are thought to be of native ancestry who might be connected.
    You'll find some here:


    I will look for more/better links for you.

    I would actually like to see a subforum for the Highway of Tears.
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