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    PA - Campaign to free Ricky the ice cream store bear roars into stride

    Ricky the bear: The case for a new home for a popular black bear (pennlive.com)

    She has spent 18 years in a chain-link cage with a cement pavement floor, two water bowls to one side. For 25 cents, visitors can buy a handful of treats - a feed mix of dog food and dry corn kernels – to feed her. If she is hungry enough, she will be roused out of her den by the sound of the treats sliding down plastic chutes.
    On Tuesday, as many as five plaintiffs filed a civil lawsuit in York County Court of Common Pleas seeking to relocate Ricky from her home at Jim Mack's Ice Cream to an animal sanctuary, where, the plaintiffs claim, she will finally receive appropriate care, enrichment and food.

    "I don't think Ricky needs to suffer so people can watch her while they are eating ice cream," said Kelly Bennett, a Lancaster resident who is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.
    long article, plus Ricky video, at link

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    How pitiful! I hope Ricky gets a new home ASAP! These people seem determined to help Ricky, and I hope they succeed.

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