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    DE - Man found dead inside tent in motel room

    The rest of the story at the NY Daily News link below:

    Maryland man found dead inside tent erected in Delaware motel room
    An employee at the Days Inn in Newark checked in on Matthew Ornstein, 34, of Chevy Chase Saturday afternoon and
    discovered him unresponsive. He put the tent on top of his bed and surrounded himself with propane canisters for light.

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    real life
    how bizarre
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    obvious suicide is... obvious?

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    That is strange.
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    Wow that's so very odd.

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    Back in the golden daze of my early 20s, working as a desk clerk, I saw many vastly unusual aspects of human nature; but this one's got a little something special, making it, of the very many WTH?-s, perhaps the WTH?-iest I've seen in this particular category -- oddness at the ol' motel -- lately.

    Rest in peace, Matthew Ornstein.

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