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    CA - Sun Valley, woman's body at disposal plant, Jan'15 - Name withheld


    The nude and decomposing body of a woman in her 30s with a gunshot wound to the head was found at a Southern California dump site in the San Fernando Valley, sources tell NBC4.

    The discovery was made at Crown Disposal in Sun Valley, a 24-hour operation that processes garbage for recyclables. Detectives with the LAPD's Foothill Division began investigating Friday, when the gruesome discovery was made...

    Homicide detectives have been able to identify the victim through her several tattoos but are not releasing her name because officials have not notified her family. The woman, who lived in South LA, was reported missing by a family friend just before Christmas.
    Can't find any threads for a woman who matches those particulars. Am off to look for MSM on anyone reported missing from LA last month

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    Tragic. Someone has lost a family member.

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    From January:


    While the body has been identified, coroner’s officials will not release the woman’s name due to the security hold placed by LAPD Foothill Division detectives...

    The woman has been described as a 27-year-old black female.

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