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    WA - Georgeann Hawkins, 18, Seattle, 11 June 1974


    A few snippets (less than one minute's worth) of these tapes have leaked out over the years... Bundy brags and laughs while admitting to murdering 11 young women here in Washington... "I was just absolutely, again, just shocked, scared to death, shocked, horrified. And I went down the road, throwing everything I had, the briefcase, out the window. Throwing the briefcase, the crutches, the rope, the clothes."

    He spends an hour talking about Georgann Hawkins, a young UW student who turned up missing June 12, 1974... "Hah. It's funny. It's, it's not funny, but it's odd the things people will say under those circumstances. She thought, she said she thought she had a Spanish test the next day..."

    Two hunters stumbled across the fragmented remains of Ott and Naslund on September 7, 1974, off Interstate 90 near Issaquah, one mile from the park. Found along with the women's remains were an extra femur bone and vertebrae, which Bundy shortly before his execution identified as that of Georgeann Hawkins.
    I read in other sources that those extra bones were never identified, but haven't found whatever happened to them. Georgeann was just added to NamUs this week, and I hope that means they're checking, that the bones weren't cremated or something before they could be DNA-tested and maybe that's just recently been happening. Fingers crossed!

    NamUs: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/27284

    Charley Project: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...georgeann.html

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    The Hunt for Ted Bundy played a little from the tape where he is talking about Georgeann. He said she was "quite lucid" (after he hit her) and she thought he was going to tutor her for a Spanish exam. It was incredibly disturbing to hear him speak so nonchalantly about what he did and of course, his total lack of empathy. It seems unlikely that they will find Georgeann's body but I hope I'm wrong about that.

    For some reason, her NamUs link is not working. Here is the link to her page on the Doe Network

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    Bundy was a pure sociopath, absolutely no soul

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    Yes, absolutely soulless. I remember reading his account of his attack on Georgeann Hawkins. I forgot that he described her as lucid. Lucid? That poor young woman was not lucid after being beat in the head by Ted Bundy. She told him she thought he was going to help her study for the Spanish exam she had the next day. That's not a sign of lucidity. That's a sign of confusion associated with a profound brain injury. I hate how Bundy is sometimes described as being "brilliant". He was a dumb@$$.
    "...And the villagers never liked you
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    I was aware of Georageann Hawkins being one of Bundy's victims, but did not realize there was some question about her remains. It is understood that Bundy placed several of the Washington victims in one location. How sad for her family that questions still remain after all of these years.

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    I wonder if this case was actually closed a while back. Some sources (including a book) state that skeletal remains were identified as that of Ms. Hawkins. I believe was published before the lead about unidentified bones mentioned earlier coming to light.

    She is listed in NamUs as "Georgeanne Hawkins." The Charley Project also contains a case file on her.

    Cali Doe was Tammy Jo


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