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    IN - Parents Arrested Video of Tot with Gun in Mouth

    A couple have been arrested after police discovered videos showing a baby playing with a gun, at times putting it into her mouth. Police in Indiana said they found the footage on the phone of Michael Barnes, 19, who was questioned after he agreed to sell a handgun to an undercover officer through a transaction made on social media...

    In the videos, both adults can be heard encouraging the infant to say "pow", "bang", and no one tries to stop her as she put the gun in her mouth.

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    Toddler puts handgun in mouth in shocking videos

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    The child's mother, Toni Wilson, 22, and
    Michael L. Barnes, 19, face charges of child neglect and recklessness with a deadly weapon. In the videos, the girl holds a gun as a man and woman encourage her to say "pow," "bang" and "shoot," police said. Wilson said the gun was a pellet gun, but police said it was a .40-caliber handgun. Police found the videos after Barnes, who is not the child's father, was arrested for allegedly attempting to sell a gun to an undercover officer.



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