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    WA - Toddler left in freezing car for five hours, Spokane 11 January 2015

    Police found a toddler left in a freezing car for five hours after being notified by a convenience store clerk, who said the child's dad said he couldn't locate the car and child. A clerk working inside the gas station in this eastern Washington city said a man, Charles Fife, came up to the cash register and said he needed help finding his car and the two-year-old child inside...

    When the clerk confronted Fife, her manager said Fife replied, "I just don't want to talk to the cops, my son is tough. He can handle it." The clerk said Fife kept walking in and out of the store. She eventually contacted police on her own.

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    Unbelievable! I hope that man never has access to that baby again! I hope the little guy will be okay after his ordeal in the cold.

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    This guy already has 12 felonies on his record.
    Just my opinion

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