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    RI - Ex-prof's bank robberies "for art project," he says: cops

    Providence Journal:

    Providence Police say ex-MIT professor who says he robbed
    a New York bank for ‘art project’ is linked to RI bank heist

    The 61-year-old allegedly told the news agency he filmed the Chinatown holdup for money he needed, and for a film art project he is working on.
    Gibbons also told the Post he was inspired by French poet Arthur Rimbaud who, “essentially believed a poet had to descend into the depths of all that was bad and report back. This whole thing has been one long project about discovering the disenfranchised portions of society.”
    the rest at the links

    Man sought in Providence bank robbery, tells teller it’s ‘for the church’

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    Bumping this because -- RI. Damn.

    Oh -- and Rimbaud:

    Et dès lors, je me suis baigné dans le Poème
    De la Mer, infusé d'astres, et lactescent,
    Dévorant les azurs verts ; où, flottaison blême
    Et ravie, un noyé pensif parfois descend;

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    Some artists play at being sociopaths, but video maker Joe Gibbons is the real deal.
    Here's an excerpt from "Confessions of a Sociopath," I'm curious but too busy to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-tHqOz5zTo

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