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    79 year old crossing guard fired for refusing urine test

    School crossing guard Francis Light said he didn't know what to think one morning last month when a woman approached him at his post outside Oak Forest Elementary School and asked for a urine sample.

    "I've been doing this school job for about 16 years, and I never heard of anyone taking a drug test, at least the crossing guards," said Light, 79. "Most of us are old people anyways."

    So he refused.

    "About two hours later, when I got back home, they called and told me I was terminated," Light said. "They told me I had 10 days to turn in my equipment you know, a stop sign, raincoat, stuff like that."

    He shouldn't have been surprised, said Terry Abbott, a Houston Independent School District spokesman.

    "Every employee understands if you refuse the drug or alcohol test, you are automatically terminated," Abbott said. "We cannot allow people who are responsible for children's safety to refuse to take a drug or alcohol test."


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    Give me a break!! But the WILL allow the Couey's of the world to work at the school?

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    I think we should be worried about the children in the Houston School District, now that he is gone.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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