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    It seriously disgusts me how horrible people in the comments sections of some of the MSM are being toward Jason's family. None of us know how many nights were spent filled with worry or how many skipped heartbeats his parents missed each time the phone rang and they hoped it was Jason on the other end. I don't either, it's none of my business. I know that we all cared for Jason, and did the best we could to give him back his name. that's what matters.

    Still, so many of those horrible people seem to forget that 1995 was a different time. I'm sure it was much easier to drop off the grid without raising much alarm. there were no cell phones glued to our hands, there were not statuses to be updated or instagrams to be posted. In the summer of 2000, I spent a month on the road catching shows. I called my mom everyday, but one of the girls I met the second night didn't call her family once. She was not a throw away kid that no one loved, she was just a "free spirit"...

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    So glad this was solved, I've been following this story since I joined this site in September. I, too, think a lot of the comments, especially on Facebook, about the family were a little harsh... I'm sure someone did care, but he left on his own and maybe they just assumed he didn't want to be found. Since he was an adult and initially left home of his own accord, law enforcement probably wouldn't have gotten involved, and not everyone has the resources to hire investigators. Many families are in the exact same spot, and I think it's wonderful that sites like this one exist, to help people who may not get it through the traditional channels. Good work, WS!

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    RIP Jason so glad you can finally go home.

    His mother must feel horrible. All this time she probably figured he didn't want to see her, but in reality he was dead. She must feel so guilty for never filing a missing persons report. I had a strained relationship with my parents when I left home at 17 and we didn't reconcile until I was 20. I'm just a few years younger than Jason. I wonder if my parents would have looked for me if I never contacted them after I left the house following a major blow out fight with them and never came home?

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    I'm so glad Jason finally will get the dignity he deserves. I know most saw this coming but it hit me the other day that even though Grateful Doe gets his identity, it means Jason is gone. It saddens me because he seemed like an incredible guy and imagining someone dying at such a young age is heartwrenching.

    Cali Doe was Tammy Jo


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    Our purpose here shouldn't be to find fault, but rather to educate. Many family members don't report loved ones missing, for any number of reasons. I don't think we serve the greater good by standing in judgement of anyone. Our goal should be to spread the word that it's critical for family members to file missing person reports, because life is unpredictable and anything can happen.

    People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent. ~ Bob Dylan

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    RIP Jason
    Finally you got your name back
    Condolences to the family
    Great job guys!

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