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    Blessed are the merciful....though not in Mississippi, necessarily

    In small-town Mississippi, where poverty is endemic, transportation is limited and a trip to the emergency room can lead to financial ruin, an alternative exists for those in the know.

    His name is Dr. Landrum Carrol Frazier Landrum and, even if your pockets are empty, the 88-year-old physician from Edwards, Miss., will schedule you for an appointment.
    the rest is here, at Washington Post:

    This 88-year-old doctor treats the poor out of his Toyota Camry. Mississippi wants to punish him for it.

    Also see The Eight Beatitudes.

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    Dr. Landrum should be enabled to continue his medical practice not hindered by bureaucracy. Instead of threatening to revoke his medical license, why doesn't the State of MS offer some acceptable alternatives which Dr. Landrum can implement so that he may continue his important work: medically treating the sick and the poor? In a state where there is a church on almost every corner, it seems something can be done.

    God bless Dr. Landrum and his patients.

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    As you say, there is a church on every corner. And there is surely one which has office space to offer this doctor. In fact, perhaps holding clinic hours in a different place/church every week would be a possibility and a convenience to his patients.

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    The Mississippi BoME is just embarrassed that this guy may make them look bad or feel guilty. There is a link to a petition you can sign in the doctor's favor in the article wfgodot posted above.
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