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    WA - Summer Smith, 18, found murdered near Lake Stevens, 19 Nov 2014


    Search-and-rescue workers joined detectives from the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office this week in looking for clues into how human remains ended up in an area south of Lake Stevens...

    Deputies with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office were called to the 12000 block of 7th Place SE shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday. The call came from a homeowner in the area who found the remains outside. The discovery was made in an unincorporated part of Lake Stevens.

    Police were notified by the medical examiner that the remains are of Summer Smith, 18. No cause of death has been released...

    Detectives spoke with Smith's mother, who said she last heard from her daughter Nov. 19. She sent Smith a text message in early December, concerned that the two hadn't communicated in a couple of weeks. She received replies but told detectives the tone and content seemed out of character for her daughter. One of the last message Smith's mother received demanded she stop sending texts. She called Smith but was directly connected to voicemail until about Dec. 12 when the phone appears to have been shut off or taken out of service...

    Smith's skull and other bones were discovered Jan. 3 near the 12000 block of Seventh Place SE... Detectives later found two plastic trash bags discarded on some bushes nearby. The bags contained bloody bedding, a knife with a broken and bloody blade, screwdrivers, women's clothing and paperwork for Smith. The contents were frozen together, indicating that they'd been in the cold for an extended amount of time, sheriff's detective David Fontenot wrote.

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    The remains of a teen whose parents say left home to follow a boy have been identified, officials said...

    Marysville, Wash., police had last listed Summer Francis Smith, 18, as homeless when she was found in May asleep in a couple's living room after they had left the garage door open...

    On a Facebook page called The I Have a Name Project, Morrissey said her daughter was developmentally disabled with the mental capacity of a 10-year-old and mentally ill. "Summer was a tortured but beautiful free spirit. Summer was an angel," Morrissey said. She would have been 19 on Feb. 9.

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    Detectives are looking for information about the slaying of Summer Francis Smith, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said Friday morning...

    Smith, of Everett, “had no connections to the location where her remains were found at the 12000 block of Seventh Place Southeast,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Shari Ireton wrote in a news release.

    Smith was last seen in the Everett area in November, according to Ireton.

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    Does her family also live in Washington state? What a horrible death! I'm so sad for this family. I suppose the family told LE who the boy is. I hope they find who did this.
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    Friends of a murdered 18-year-old woman feared for her safety in recent months, they said Friday. "I hope the people that did this do get caught because that wasn't right. She didn't deserve that at all," said Alex Montoya, a friend of Smith's. "The world is actually cruel sometimes."

    Montoya said she met Smith several years ago when the two would hang out with friends in north Everett. She described the 18-year-old as caring and artistic but said she worried about the crowd Smith was spending time with.

    "She was hanging out with the wrong group before. I told her not to come back up (to Washington from Nevada) because I knew it wasn't safe for her. I couldn't be around her to make sure she was safe," Montoya said. "I just had a bad feeling that something would happen."

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    Thank you Granny. R.I.P. Summer.
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    developmentally disabled with the mental capacity of a 10-year-old and mentally ill
    It really hurts me that Summer had the mental capacity of a 10-year-old, but was homeless on the street.

    Summer, you are gone too soon. R.I.P.
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