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    AR - Cody McCann, 20, Little Rock, 11 January 2015 *Arrests*

    20-year-old missing for nearly week
    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A Landmark family is desperately searching for clues in the disappearance of a 20-year-old man. Cody McCann disappeared on Sunday, and was last seen at his grandmother's house on Mail Route Road. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with "Honda" displayed on it, a white and red long-sleeve shirt with*a razorback on the left chest, blue jeans and grey tennis shoes, according to his mother, Brenda McCann.
    "It's very unlike him to be gone for one day much less five or six..," said Cody's sister, Brittany Hayden.

    "He would have come home. He would have called somebody. He's a very clean person. He would have at least come home to get a change of clothes and take a shower."

    Pulaski County Sheriff's Office issued a missing person report on Friday.

    "We have officers assigned to it. They're working very hard on it right now but what*we need right now is just some help from the public…information, anything is going to help us," said Capt. Carl Minden.

    "You're looking at six days then seven and eight we're just trying to get this out as quickly as possible and hopefully somebody has some knowledge of it. Anything that they can do would be helpful because they're stuck pretty much," said Minden.
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    According to a spokesperson with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office the body of a missing person, 20-year old Cody McCann, has been located... near a power line approximately 2 miles east of the corner of Border Lane in Southern Pulaski County...

    Ted Warner and Clifton King were arrested for kidnapping Mr. McCann. His death investigation is ongoing and the suspects in his kidnapping are being questioned.

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    After he was reported missing for a week, authorities found McCann's body Saturday morning. Police say McCann was kidnapped, had his mouth and hands taped, and was marched into the woods near Border Lane where he was shot in the back with a 12-gauge shotgun...

    Officers say two of the three suspects are in custody -- 28-year-old Clifton King Jr. and 28-year-old Evatt Warner. Sunday police are looking for 28-year-old Hiram Contreres in connection with McCann's murder.

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    Wow! I'm shocked by the outcome in this case. May the family find peace in the chaos.

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    Is there any particular motive in this case ? Marching a guy into the weeds and shooting him is bad enough, but there were apparently three different people involved in it which leads me to believe that he wasn't kidnapped for the loose cash he had in his wallet.

    Is this drug related ? No mention in the press that I've seen. What happened between these four people that brought on this kind of planning and rage ?

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    Ugh. Sketchy creeps, the lot of them.

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    O/T: May I say I am so sick of seeing parents of children under 18 prancing around trying to get the perfect selfie for their Facebook page? And we wonder why the generation coming up is so self-involved. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.
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    Hiram Contreras, 28, is one of Pulaski County's most wanted and he's still on the loose.

    The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office believes Contreras is the third suspect in the shooting death of Cody McCann, 20...

    McCann's younger brother said the McCann family, Contreras, and Clifton King were all neighbors in the Landmark area for years. “They were basically family to us. That really hurts. That's the reason I feel so much hatred in my heart. It was somebody that we trusted,” said Tracy McCann.

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