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    Born during Victoria's reign; leaves 91-y/o daughter

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    land of most amazing sunsets
    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    she would have been in her 40's during the war and this sounds pretty cool when compared to our generation who has to have the latest and the greatest technology to ''entertain ourselves''

    from your link:
    "Speaking to the BBC on her 108th birthday, Mrs Lang said it was the war years that stuck in her memory.

    She said: "On a Sunday evening we used to have friends come over. We would black everything out and get around the piano and have a sing-song."
    Just My Opinion

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    What gets me is that she was already a teenager during the Great War. Wow.

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    prime ministers

    Robert Cecil
    Arthur Balfour
    Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
    Herbert Asquith
    David Lloyd George
    Andrew Bonar Law
    Stanley Baldwin
    Ramsay MacDonald
    Neville Chamberlain
    Winston Churchill
    Clement Attlee
    Sir Anthony Eden
    Harold Macmillan
    Sir Alec Douglas-Home
    Harold Wilson
    Edward Heath
    James Callaghan
    Margaret Thatcher
    John Major
    Tony Blair
    Gordon Brown
    David Cameron

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