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    Amish Hooligans

    A 19-year-old Windsor Township man was arrested early Sunday morning after Geauga County deputy sheriffs said they found several stolen flower pots and address signs in his buggy.

    Sheriff's spokesman John Hiscox said David Byler was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and theft, both first-degree misdemeanors subject to up to six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

    Hiscox said that the sheriff's office received telephoned complaints after midnight Sunday morning about an Amish buggy with loud music driving along Princeton Road in Huntsburg Township.

    The driver was stealing house numbers and flower pots as he drove along, complainants told deputies.

    "When our officer caught up with him in the middle of the road, there were flower pots and house numbers in the buggy," Hiscox said.

    There were seven other complaints of noisy Amish parties and other vandalism incidents in Huntsburg and Parkman townships during the weekend.

    "There seemed to be a lot of Amish youth activities going on in the area," Hiscox said.

    The sheriff's office received a complaint from a resident of Reeves Road, Parkman Township, at midnight Saturday morning about a large Amish party, but deputies could not locate the party.


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    This is way too funny!

    an Amish buggy with loud music

    I've got to send this story to my teenagers!!


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    I just hate it when I pull up next to one of those Amish buggies at a stoplight and they have the bass cranked up so loud that it shakes my car.

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    Question: What goes "clop, clop bang. Clop, clop bang?"

    Answer: An Amish drive by shooting.

    "Saturday evening, a Hosmer Road Amish resident in Parkman Township complained that they were outside having dinner when bullets from a neighboring property whizzed by at close range."

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